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[. About You .]
Name: Teffy
Age: Seventeen
Sign:  Capricorn

[. Favorites .]
Band/Singer: DURAN DURAN, CASCADA, Joe Strummer, The Clash, Jim Morrison, The doors.
Store:  Old navy, Hottopic, Sallybash, Blackrose
Music: Music? uhhh DURAN DURAN, mostly 80s stuff, i LOVE LOVE LOVE glamrock, Queen.
C.d.:  Right now? GregoRy&& the hawK- self titled demo
Whats your best quality:  My eyes, deffo. I guess you could say i'm funny too. in a sick sort of way.
What's your worst quality:  OH GOD lol many, im not really sure what to say though.
Make us laugh:  Oh fabulous, lol last night it snowed a foot or so here, but it was like windy so there were drifts. i went to step into this small drift which i thought was like a few cm deep, WRONG it was like 5 feet deep and i was up to my waist in snow, not only that but on my way OUT of the drift, i fell infront of a REALLY cute guy who lives on my street, so embaressing :/

[. Opinions On . ]

Gay Marrige- I'm REALLY for it, my friend is a lesbian, and i'm bi. I know so many people just say "it's love" well yes it's love, and yes they sholud have the same rights (they do in canada i believe). It's so liberating.

Abortion- Pro choice, you might have done something stupid and gotten pregnant, but if you can't handle having a child at the time, it's your choice, i'm not you.

[. Essay .]

Who's your role model or Hero - Well I have two.

Number one:: Adam is my role model, my hero, my everything. He is a pakistani boy i've known since i was 12, we met in my grammas town in england (he lives in england). Since that day we met we've been bestfriends. He sents me things, and i send him things. although we live an ocean apart it's almost like we're closer than ever. He has inspired me to do so many things in life, and will always do so. I love him to bits, and i'd die without him.

Number two:: Jim Morrison is my idol because he was the american poet, although myself am not american he speaks wonders. his writing makes me want to write. He is the reason I want to be a writer.

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