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[. About You .]
Name: nicole
Age: 19
Location: texas
Gender: female
Sign: taurus

[. Favorites .]
Band/Singer: alexz johnson and ashlee simpson because i feel like i can relate to everything they say and they make me feel ten times better when i blare thier music and sing at the top of my lungs.
Store: barnes and nobles, old navy, any hallmark store
Music: uumm...i guess a little bit of everything really. mostly into country/pop-punk spectrum
C.d.: i burn most of mine so they're a mix. but for my favorite i guess i'd have to say alexz johnson, cassie steele, ashlee and jakalope
Whats your best quality: i'm incredibly honest. and my friends say that i make them laugh all the time
What's your worst quality: way too gullable and too trusting
Make us laugh: well let's see, when i was six i got stuck in the toilet. i fall up the stairs all the time. when i was a freshman in hs i yelled out the name of my crush into the entire cafeteria without thinking (thank god he just walked out!). i act like a buffoon in my car and dance and sing at the top of my lungs

[. Opinions On . ]

Gay Marrige- gay marriage is tricky for me. i'm a christian so i'm morally opposed to it yes. but then again i have gay friends and nothing makes me more happy than seeing them happy that they found someone who will accept them for who they are and still want to be with them. so i'm kind of caught in the middle. i don't exactly have an answer for this one, i'm sorry.

Abortion- mostly wrong. i would never do it. we talked about this in my college writing class last year. if someone had a terminal disease and they passed it along to their children and that child would die fairly young, for selfish reasons i might consider it. i wouldn't want to go through that hurt and pain. plus have the child go through all that. even though i am against it, i know people that have done it. i don't sit there and yell at them or Bible beat them. i still love them and accept them and hell, i even support them. just because i think it's wrong doesn't mean i'm going to freak out on my friends if they do it. that's their life. i can try and get to have them understand my point of view...but other than that, there's nothing more i can do.

[. Essay .]

Who's your role model or Hero - wow. i have no idea honestly. i could say my mom but then again, half of the time i can't wait to move out to get away from my family. i can tell y'all people i admire immensly....drew barrymore is one of them. she came from a drug addiction and alcohol addiction at a young age and overcame everything and she's gorgeous and doing great things in her career. i also like reese witherspoon a lot because i feel she's very real. she has a head on her shoulders and still sits at home and makes cassaroles for dinner (she said that on oprah. lol). but my role model or hero.....Jesus Christ. i know people might be rolling thier eyes at me right now but it's true. who hasn't felt alone and like they don't belong and that no one loves them? hello, he has. and he overcame everything. honestly, He's the one that saved my life when i was feeling down and out and what not. so yes, he's my hero. but i also look up to the other as well.

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