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Name- lizzy
Location- Holly, Michigan

(*Your Opinion*)
Best Quality- My best quality is that I am a very understanding person. And I am a good listener. My best physical quality is my legs.
Worst Quality- I am too forgiving. I had this boyfriend a while ago who cheated on me more than 5 times, and I forgave him each time. My worst physical quality is my feet, because one, feet are discusting anyways and two, I'm an athlete so my feet are gross.
Favorite Color- Pink
Favorite Store- American Eagle

(* Essay *)

Your role model or Hero- My role model is my mom. She has been through alot of hard times in her life, but she remains strong through it all.

Promote to 1 other community or LJ and show where give link-


2 or more Pics!

Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by on the right..thats me my boyfriend and his sister
Image hosted by

Why should we accept you?- Because I will be active and I love communities.

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