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*Inner* Beauty Application

[. About You .]
Name: Sarah L.D.
Age: Fifteen
Location: Tennessee, USA
Gender: Female
Sign: Capricorn

[. Favorites .]
Band/Singer: Evanescence, L`Arc~En~Ciel, Linkin Park, Nightwish, Marilyn Manson, My Chemical Romance, All American Rejects, Anberlin, and lots, lots more. I like a variety of music really. Anything but Country, Rap/Hiphop is fine by me.
Store: Hottopic (Faeries Stuff!), Aeropostale, Claires, Sanrio, Thrift shops, and Books a Million.
Music: Rock, Metal, J-Pop, J-Rock, and some Pop.
C.d.: Evanescence's "Fallen" (I love Amy Lee's vocals, like whoa!)
Whats your best quality: I am extremely open-minded of others.
What's your worst quality: I let people in/ trust too easily.
Make us laugh:
I fell up the stairs this morning! :D

[. Opinions On . ]

Gay Marriage- Love is Love. When you fall in love, you can't help the gender of the person. Sex shouldn't be the basis of the matter. If the gays out there want to get married, then let them. It shouldn't bother us, after all, isn't America supposed to have freedom of religion? Not everyone is Christian, you know. They should be allowed the same rights. :/

Abortion- It shouldn't be illegalized, however, it should be limited. If it is a rape or a matter or life or death, I would see why one would want to have an abortion. If you mess around, get pregnant, and just decide you don't want the responsibility, then too bad. You messed up, and that's you're own fault. That is NO excuse to kill an innocent life.

[. Essay .]

Who's your role model or Hero - My role model is my best friend Houston. He is 16, a Junior at our highschool, and gay. I love him to death. He sets good examples for others, is a total gentleman to all, and is really sweet. He proves that sexuality has nothing to do with the person you are. Go, H!

[. Promotion/Pic's .]
You can put a pic. It's optional.
Here's a pic of me at the end of the summer:
Image hosted by
Promote at least 1 place. Show a link where you promoted.
I promoted in my journal publicly, but if you need me to promote elsewhere, I would be happy to.

.. I hope I am accepted, but if I am not, I won't be offended and might reapply ..

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