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_trouble_fics_'s Journal

Stargate Sg-1 & Atlantis M-preg fics
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Welcome to "Trouble Fiction." A place where discussion, recs, encouragement, beta-ing and fiction is posted for the small group who find M-preg is lacking in the Stargate Universe.

Hi! I'm m_natures_son your local mod. I've been away for some time, but I'm coming back to shape up things around here.

Few things you should know:

1. Flames will not be tolerated

2. Be sure to put large posts under an lj cut.

A lot of the material in this community may have a lot of sexual content. Content with a NC-17 warning are for those above 17.

The title, "Trouble" is named for the term "in trouble' and also for one of my favorite Coldplay songs, "Trouble". (It was also playing when I couldn't think of what to call the community)

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