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Cause Plain Janes Are Boring

Fabulous Fashion Fiends
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Welcome to F.F.F: Fabulous Fashion Fiends
Your Original Fashion Rating Community since June 2005

This rating community is for those who have the ability to merge Originality and Fashion together. By making this a rating community (meaning you need to be accepted in order to be a member and post), it keeps out the dull and boring from ruining the fun.

Applying is simple. Please read the bottom rules (it's not that long, I promise :])

Rules for Applicants

1) Don't upset us mods. Mods are people too...vengeful people :) You piss us off and you're out of here

2) If you don't have a unique style, this place is not for you. This does not mean that it has to look like a rainbow threw up on you, it does mean we want to see outfits/style/fashion that you don't normally see everyday.

3) Until you have been accepted as a member you will not comment unless a direct question is asked to you or if you want to give a polite "thank you".

4) You must be mature. You would figure this is common sense, but it really isn't. Try to refrain from "net speak" as it only makes you look like a 10 year old brat. Be polite, be respectful, don't pick fights. It's all about maturity!

5) Please don't start fights with members when they have criticized you (this is kind of like rule 4, but it deserves its own line). By applying to this community, you are exposing yourself to open critisism. There won't be any sugar coating. If you feel that the critisism you receieve was hateful or threatening, please contact the mods of this community.
6) When applying, post in your subject line "Fashion Victim" to show that you have read the rules, if you do not do so you will automatically be rejected. Also, do NOT delete your application!!!!

Application; Copy & Paste

Rules for Members

1) Respect the Mods. Mods are here to keep the community active and harmonious (awww like peaceful hippies!). If you have a problem with one of us either contact us directly or speak with the owner.

2) Keep criticism constructive. Helping out people with their outfits is one thing, bashing their style is another. For example: "that outfit sucks" BAD, but "gee, I think if you would use different stockings and add a hat it would really improve that outfit!" GOOD. Insulting/bashing/being a jackass is a good way to get yourself kicked out of the community real quick!

3) Do not judge applicants solely on their opinions. First and foremost we are a fashion community. However, if you feel that someone is generally negative and their personality will bring down our community in some way please don't hesitate to reject them for this. No ammount of great fashion will make up for a shitty personality!

4) Be active! What's the point of joining a community if you're not going to post and comment?

5) Have fun gosh darn it! :)