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Cause Plain Janes Are Boring [entries|friends|calendar]
Fabulous Fashion Fiends

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CHECK IT OUT! [13 Oct 2008|01:19pm]

this is my webstore
if you want check it out cutie <3
you wanna see more pics & any question - seoung14@hotmail.com
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application! [26 Jul 2008|12:52pm]

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One is better than none, huh? [15 Mar 2007|06:28pm]

Man oh man oh man! Has it been a long time for me or what!? Back in July I moved to Long Beach for college and here I fell in love with Frederick's of Hollywood (and since I don't take many photos anymore I decided to do so for my new corset) Enjoy :D!

I wish I could show you a picture (if one existed) of what I wore to a play:

A beautiful black trench coat
this corset
Suspenders with multicolored stars on it
Ballet-point looking Fioni shoes
and a glittery blue headband

Just imagine the shiney blue goodness.
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Kill me i am a victim! [13 Feb 2007|11:34am]


On the left. 

My valentines outfit. 

Most of these pieces are handmade. Not the skirt, it is from wetseal. Stockings from blue botique. And shirt from a great seller on ebay who makes the best handmade clothes!!! 

Let me know how you like it!!

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[27 Nov 2006|06:22pm]

I want to be a Fashion VictimCollapse )
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[11 Nov 2006|01:51am]

[ mood | cold ]

So...yay for LIFE!

Live TripleF, LIVE!Collapse )

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[07 Aug 2006|11:03pm]

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
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[06 Aug 2006|02:05am]
a place for inspiring fashion and no ebay ads.

It's in it's very early stages so don't be discourage if there aren't any posts but mine, and a kind of bare layout...and a crappy promotion banner...
It's all in the works and my motivation increases if I get members!

So please join. It's based on this community, however, it has it's quirky edges that set it apart.

Don't let me be the only member!
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i heart new clothes [06 Aug 2006|09:03pm]

well i've been meaning to post something here for a while!

just a few picsCollapse )
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Question [02 Aug 2006|01:45am]
From my observations, I think everyone here knows the community has been abandoned. No one gets in anymore. And let's face it, challenges are non existant ( And I never got to do any!)

So, out of curiousity, how would you kids like it if I created a new community mirroring everything here when it was active? Would YOU join?

Of course they'll be more than one MOD because it'll be easier to maintain and help the activity flowing.

Tell me what you think about a new community. Also, tell me what you disliked and liked about this one. For example, I wasn't fond of the extensive survey. We really just judge fashion. In my opinion the survery was something to sway us if we were undecided.

I am very serious about this, and would love to be a part of it. :^)
Anywho. Discuss!
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[25 Jul 2006|12:13am]

[ mood | hot ]

An update of sorts. With more coming soon.

Rants and PicturesCollapse )
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Fashion Victim [20 Jul 2006|06:57pm]

[ mood | singing ]

I want to be a Fashion VictimCollapse )

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Fashion Victim [11 Jul 2006|11:45am]

I want to be a Fashion VictimCollapse )
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[02 Jul 2006|05:33pm]
SO...uh..What the hell happened to this community? Where are the mods? People still post here, but the mods seem to have abandoned us. If you mods don't wanna work anymore, care to hand the community's duties to one of us?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Anyway.Collapse )
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fASHION victim [30 Jun 2006|06:23pm]

[ mood | swirly ]

I wanna be a fashion victim!11Collapse )

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[16 May 2006|03:37pm]

some stuff i've been wearing
i used it for ze fruits community so puhlease excuse the fruitsesque writing beneath the pictures
but yes.

so tada

picciesCollapse )
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[27 Apr 2006|03:37pm]

Another update.
Photos!Collapse )
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[19 Apr 2006|08:15pm]

Guess what? Photos!Collapse )
By the way, has anyone else noticed the the last like-five applications have not been accepted/rejected?
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[12 Apr 2006|11:07pm]

Hair again. Sorry, I promise to do full outfit posts later...

EDIT: I think I know why this community is slow with posts and comments... We are all such good friends now that we read and comment on eachothers personal journals and write snail mail letters and stuff. I personally feel VERY close to a number of girls I met through here, and the second I get a million bucks, I'm touring the world and visiting everyone of them. That's my dream now, to visit all fo the wonderful worldwide friends I've made (many via TRIPLEF)

Your thoughts?
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[07 Apr 2006|10:07pm]

[ mood | amused ]

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