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Trigger Happy

A light in the tunnel

Self Injury Community
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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to Trigger Happy a community founded to provide support and allow you to have space to 'vent.'


Depression--n. 1. The act of depressing, or the state of being depressed. 2. Low spirits or vitality. 3. A low or depressed surface. 4. A severe decline in business, accompanied by increasing unemployment, falling prices, etc. 5. Psychiatry Deep dejection characterized by withdrawl, lack of response to stimulation, etc.


*Put pictures and long rants/surveys behind an ljcut.
*NO racism or facism
*Do not insult or post rude comments
*Do not taunt or 'jeer' anyone
*please do not encourage suicide or cutting.

If you can't follow these rules we will gladly remove you from the community.

♥ ♥ ♥

If you need to Contact either Ashly or Carlee the maintainers please feel free.

Ashly is emoashly her SI livejournal is lonelygames
email Ashly:XacryinthedarkX@moonman.com
Aim: XcrimsonXgashesX

Carlee is missguided_soul
Aim: FallenForPixez@aol.com
Yahoo: Pondering_Faerie <---I dont access this all that much..
Email: FallenForPixez@aol.com <---contact me here for quickest reply :)

Note: Contact Carlee through email..if by chance you need to talk! Her new email adress is up!