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The Treasure Box

Fandom life is the life for me

Kattine's Treasure box
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Welcome to treasure box. This is a place where I (Kattine) post my icons, fan fiction and reviews.

This journal was at first just going to be for icons and I was going to make a different one for fan fiction and reviews. But then I decided that I was too lazy to make that
and I decided to combine them all into one journal. Though most posts here will be icon posts.

At the moment this journal is just for my work, but I may ask for a couple of people to join in the future.

Feel free to friend/join the community!

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I'm a 19 year old Aussie girl with a love of TV, movies music and trivia. I'm currently only a student (until I get a part time job) at University where I'm doing a Bachelor of Arts with a major in psychology and (hopefully) a minor in philosophy if it doesn't get too confusing next year. Other it'll be in cultural studies or (heaven forbid) human geography.

My real name is not kattine (what a suprise!) but Casey. That's pronouced KC as I usually spell it. (Annonys my friend Tasha a lot. Not that she can talk considered her full name is Natasha and she hardly ever uses that)

I currently don't have a job, but I'm looking! Hopefully I'll at least get something for the summer break. I need the money! Preferably something in retail, but I would love to work as an office aid for a psychologist in order to get a look in on the world I'm going to be a part of.

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++Please credit me when using my icons
++Coments are nice
++Nomminations are fine, just tell me so I can thank you!
++Please don't hotlink

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Screencap Paradise

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If you want me to link to your journal see this (http://www.livejournal.com/community/_treasurebox/619.html) post.