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Transgression: Where characters come to be tortured

Scarlet Sheets, Silver Chains

Trans. Monstrous, but pretty.
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Transgression is not on a single world. It's a thin spot between all realities, a place where all universes converge. The Trans nexus is represented by a hotel. The hotel itself is very fluid in nature. The ground floor has a bar, a cafeteria, a karaoke bar, several bedrooms, a sex shop, a tailor, a bookshop/cafe, and a swimming pool. Other rooms tend to crop up according to necessity. A virtual reality room is known to come and go. The upper floors are mostly bedrooms. All the rooms are free, and they tend to conform to the needs of the patrons. The food and drinks are also free. Bludget (bludget) is the living embodiment of the hotel. She can control the rooms, making them come and go at will, and is the reason that no damage to the hotel is permanent. She also serves as bartender.

People come and go from the lobby, some are visiting, some are trapped. Some leave and never come back. Some stay upstairs, some have their own houses. Most of the mods have separate houses that are attached to Trans by portals. These portals open up near the houses, which are spread out all over the world.

Outside of the hotel, there's scenic Lake Sparrow. While it's suitable for fishing, sunbathing, skinny-dipping, and other wholesome activities, it's also highly possible that there's some kind of monster lurking in Lake Sparrow's depths. Because really, why wouldn't there be?

Transgression has an OOC IRC chatroom, which can be found on the Darkmyst server in the channel #Trans.


1- NO GODMODDING. You will not write reactions for chars you do not play or make up a history/future for them without consent.

2- Clear it ooc before an act of violence is committed. If you deal damage, be prepared to take it as well.

3- No community advertisement without prior mod approval. This, of course, does not apply to mentioning another community in conversation IC or OOC.

4- There is NO LAW In Character in Transgression. Transgression is in a state of anarchy, and has no laws. Individuals may attempt to enforce their own ideas of right and wrong, but will never receive any authority. This means your police/lawyer/solider/ect chars have NO AUTHORITY here.

5- The mods reserve the right to ban anyone they see fit. This is our game and we are not getting paid to deal with people that annoy us.

These are not rules, but suggestions.

1- Put a warning on the post if there is explicit material. Animal abuse/torture/non-con/sex...

2- Learn the difference between IC and OOC. If the chars don't get along, that's one thing. We don't expect them to. This is not a happy-bunny place. Trans is for characters to act as they should. A villain is not going to be cute and snark with a hero. They will hate each other. This doesn't mean there are bad feelings in real life.

3- Try not to be offended if you leave a post and it gets crashed by the other characters and used for idle chat. It happens a lot.

4- Most of us are villains. Do not expect us to coddle your char in any way. Whiners get fed to the huge hungry plant from outer space. (No, really. We have one: meangreenmother)


Adrian Tepes/Alucard (engelkith) Fandom: Castlevania
Adrian, son of Vlad Tepes, is a dhampyre married to Tabby Keegan, and truly a divided soul. He is half human and half vampire, with a dissociative identity disorder to match. At turns loving and gentle, calm and manipulative, cruel and violent, his moods may be difficult to predict. While angered, he may respond better to the name Alucard. His goal for 535 years had been to eliminate his father as a threat. To this end he trained, and later married a vampire hunter, assisted his own son against Dracula, and at a later point when he gained enough power took on the task of killing Dracula himself.

At one point, he was in a trio, and married to Jimmy Angelov as well. He had been sharing himself, allowing Jimmy his more vampiric side, and Tabby his more human side, but events made that impossible. Jimmy's own volatile temper and tendency to act impulsively left Adrian having to cover for him with Tabby, until he grew too weary to continue the charade. He approached Tabby with several things Jimmy had done that Adrian had kept secret, and she decided it was time for a partial divorce. Adrian was more than happy to back her up on that, since he is content with her, instead of shattered as he has been most of his life.

While Adrian has many centuries under his belt, he was broody and angsty enough to sleep through most of it, and can be surprisingly immature as a result. He has managed to avoid making enemies, except for Jack Sparrow, whom he despises and will sometimes attack. He is less than thrilled to have Sonia Belmont wandering around. In the past he disliked Agent Sheldon Sands, who tried to steal Tabby from him, but they have something of a friendship now. He has a wide range of powers, from strength and speed to shapeshifting and black magic. He injured severely by blessed items, holy water, silver, and stakes, although he is able to withstand sunlight and running water. His most powerful attribute may very well be his preternaturally good looks, which leave men and women swooning. Sometimes he considers that a curse and burden, in the manner of someone very vain. (AIM: engelkith)

Tabitha Keegan-Tepes (fake_cherry) Original character

Tabby is a dhampir married to Adrian Tepes. Adrian and Tabby were married to Jimmy Angelov for over a year, but a combination of several curses, Jimmy's wandering eye for redheads, and many other factors combined to create a rift between the threesome. Tabby made the formal decision to boot Jimmy out of the marriage, and now Tabby and Adrian are a couple. They are not currently seeking another partner.

Quiet but friendly and caring, Tabby is a trustworthy person. A long time ago, she was involved with Jack Sparrow, They are now bitter enemies who antagonize either other mercilessly, with Jack being far more likely to initiate fights than Tabby. Other than Jack, Tabby currently has no enemies. However, she is very frosty to Sonia Belmont, an alternate timeline version of Adrian's former wife, and would be unlikely to be friendly to any Dracula from the Castlevania fandom or any major villians who threatened her loved ones. Though Tabby tends toward meekness, she can be absolutely vicious in the defense of Adrian or any of her close friends. She is often more altruistic than rational, and puts others above herself. She has a tendency to flirt with men, but usually does so without realizing, although she will also flirt as a way of getting what she wants.

Tabby's powers as a dhampir are fairly limited at this time. She's somewhat stronger than a human, can heal with a blood meal, and has heightened senses. Sunlight makes her sleepy and weak, and she has no magical powers. Silver burns her skin. In appearances, she comes across as a clumsy, skinny 23 year-old redhead. Her fangs are always visible (assuming her lips aren't in the way) i.e, she doesn't “vamp out” like a Buffy-canon vamp does. She's decent with a sword and murder on the dance floor, something for which Jack likes to incorrectly take personal credit. (AIM: Tabbymun)

Captain Jack Sparrow (jacky_boy) Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Captain Jack Sparrow is a pirate. He's the Captain of The Black Pearl, the lead ship of a small fleet under his management that base their operations out of the South China Sea and patrol ceaselessly around Southeast Asia and Australia. Jack occasionally disappears for a few days when he needs to go deal with business.

Jack is what the doctors like to call "crazy". On the best of days, he's a sociopath with no sense of guilt. He cycles through different levels of violence, and is usually the most dangerous when he's at the bottom of his cycle. Though, it should be noted that Jack attacked Tabby while he was towards the top of his cycle, so his moods are not absolute indicators. Jack considers Tabby to be his property, and is basically waiting until he's ready to take her back, at which point he'll challenge Adrian for her. In the meantime, he sleeps around and dates as the mood takes him. He's slept with Jeannie, Sands, Remus, and Metatron since coming to this part of the nexus, and carried on a fairly long relationship with Leela.

He can be very friendly, despite his lack of conscience. If he cares for a person enough, he'll usually try not to be awful to them. Usually.

Donnatella Sheppard-Crane (sixtyonereasons) Original Character
Donna is a Texan woman in her thirties, living in "Space Atlantis". Between Atlantis, Gotham and Seymour, three jobs, two husbands and too many children, she's rushed off her feet most days. Her jobs include schoolteacher and one-night-a-week stripper, and six of the children living in her house are hers, though three of them are...sort of adopted. Confusing family tree is what happens when you get reverse adopted by aspects of God. A great-grandmother at thirty-six, and trying to figure out exactly how one disciplines a misbehaving deity, Donna's life is bewildering at best. No wonder this woman smokes. (AIM:sixtyonereasons)

Crimson (crimsonashes) Original Character
Crimson comes here for the free alcohol but stays for the impaired judgment. Originally from Illinois, she moved to Boston after a nasty divorce. That was quite an adjustment for her and surprisingly enough, the patrons of Trans are friendlier than the average Bostonian. Extremely uninterested in any long-term commitments, she prefers to keep her relationships casual. She has a drinking problem, but will vehemently deny it. She sees more than she lets on, primarily to avoid getting her ass handed to her. She knows she can't die here and has no interest in finding out how high her pain tolerance is.

Currently, she is Adrian's human servant, something she is trying to keep a secret. Neither of them has the slightest clue what this will do to her. She's also the un-official greeter to newcomers, if she's around and not passed out or otherwise occupied.

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The Villains

Kevin basinctyfarmboy Fandom Sin City
Vivian Thompson red_vivian Fandom In Dreams
Henry Sherman-Townshend dr_abernathy Fandom Silent Hill: Dying Inside AIM: DoctorAbernathy
Lucifer Morningstar dcmorningstar Fandom Sandman and Lucifer comics AIM: charaznable26
Count D prodigalcount Fandom Petshop of Horrors AIM: defyingmyth
Rodolphus Lestrange pureandstrange Fandom Harry Potter AIM: bravecoldworld
Willow undeadredhead Fandom Buffy the Vampire Slayer AIM: RedheadUndead
Cordelia Chase queen_cordy_g Fandom Buffy the Vampire Slayer AIM:thynameisVanity
Sheldon Jeffery Sands shooting_blind Fandom Once Apon A Time In Mexico Movie AIM: we jabberwocky
Xander formerzeppo Fandom Buffy The Vampire Slayer AIM: bravecoldworld
David davelost Fandom Lost Boys Movie
Randall Flagg flagg_o_dim Fandom The Stand/The Dark Tower Series AIM: tabbymun
Faith Rayne desoulled_faith Fandom Buffy the Vampire Slayer AIM: BloodRedRavyn
Maleficent wicked_fairy Fandom Sleeping Beauty
Audrey II meangreenmother Fandom Little Shop of Horrors Musical and movie. AIM: ZoeHarris
Schroedinger schro_cat Fandom Hellsing
Freddy Krueger craven_janitor Fandom Nightmare on Elm Street
Top Dollar lick_of_flame Fandom The Crow
Kong eighth_wonder Fandom King Kong AIM:Walkindude666
Gogo Yubari mad_schoolgirl Fandom Kill Bill Vol 1
Emma Frost icy_bitch Fandom X-Men
Carl Denham film_zealot Fandom King Kong
Walter Sullivan red_rooms_child Fandom Silent Hill 4 AIM: salucci123
Sir Crocodile strawhat_hater Fandom One Piece AIM: salucci123

Original Characters

Rachel Sloane newlastscion Fandom Dogma
Alenthea Lestrange alenthea Fandom Harry Poter AIM: pink ribbon
Michael Tullius Drinkwater Jones most_unlikely Fandom Harry Potter AIM: justonehermes
Trixie Rainmaker ossicaelator AIM: Justonehermes
Novak nthelizard AIM: blackrobedchaos
Okiku James Sukikuwa okiku_sukikuwa
Tamarantha L. Holsey the_babycat Fandom Harry Potter AIM: insomniakitten
Kim indiglowing AIM: ZoeHeris
Innocencia Deidre Rayne cataclysmic_cia AIM: BloodRedRavyn
Princess Innair of Isket littlestinnair AIM: sixtyonereasons
Cleo callmecleo
Lilibet 'Lil' James lilibet_james AIM:lycoinside
Lord Zhilbar zhilbar
Maxwell Elisabeth DeWinter stiletto_blade
Arik jered_cain
Sri iheartfangs AIM: blackrobedchaos
Jhancticus Zurin jhanticus_zurin AIM: fejijar Y!M: cybertronexpress
Ashley turnabout_girl AIM:Seyli Hsa
Some some_thing AIM:ladyrholmes
Lupeias agent_lupeias AIM: author_blayze
Leela St. Germaine leela1
Rence Johnston tigarian Fandom Dark Hunter Universe AIM: lycoinside
Thammuz lesser_god AIM: defyingmyth
Petia Angelov petia_angelov AIM: Badsands
Mardi Dominique hungry4sin AIM: Badsands
Sarah Cole b_eating_u AIM: Badsands

The Heroes

El el_maraichi Fandom Once Upon A Time In Mexico
Henry Sherman-Townshend unbroken Fandom Silent Hill: The Room AIM: Townshend302
Trevor Tepes trevor_tepes Fandom Castelvania AIM: Engelkith
Max Guevera max5452 Fandom Dark Angel AIM: pink ribbon
Auron skies_above Fandom Final Fantasy X/Kingdom Hearts 2 AIM: DragonSlv
King Mickey thekingdomkey Fandom Kingdom Of Hearts AIM: thekingskey
Jason Schuyler more_than_blood Fandom Anita Blake Vampire Hunter AIM: STLpomme
Young Walter young_shinigami Fandom Hellsing
Heinkel Wolfe not_a_priest Fandom Hellsing AIM:Seyli Hsa
nancy callahan shefilledout Fandom Sin City
serendipity an_abstract Fandom Dogma
Inigo Montoya preparetodie_ Fandom Princes Bride
Bartleby fuckwisconsin Fandom Dogma AIM: sandersrocksit
Jean-Paul lust_for_life Fandom Ultimate X-Men AIM: every1s gay 4 jp
Tank Girl tanky_tg Fandom Tank Girl comic book AIM: we jabberwocky
Remy LeBeau cajun_rogue Fandom X-Men Comic
Spike, aka William the Bloody spike_bcd Fandom Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Sonia Belmont belmont_legend Fandom Castlevania AIM: soniatepes
Loki angel_loki Fandom Dogma movie
Simon Belmont the_belmont Fandom Castlevania video game series
Sister Yumiko/Yumie berzerker_nun Fandom Hellsing manga
Sir Integral Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing so_not_bomb Fandom Hellsing AIM: demoncrowe
Jonathan Strange jon_strange Fandom Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell novel
Lina Inverse lina_inverse Fandom Slayers TRY AIM: DragonSlv
Jered Cain jered_cain Fandom Diablo
Nate Grey the_new_shaman Fandom X-Man
Leon S. Kennedy leon_s_kennedy Fandom Resident Evil 2 and 4
Luna Inverse ceipheed_knight Fandom Slayers AIM: Crown of Rust
Mai Bauteil 4elemalchemist Fandom Fullmetal Alchemist OC AIM: CSNES OmegaX
Bunnicula bunnicula_lives Fandom Bunnicula series Books AIM: SoniaTepes
D d_isfor_dracula Fandom Vampire Hunter D
King Arthur not_uther Fandom countless legends
Chuck Norris candividebyzero Fandom Walker, Texas Ranger


Lawrence Hill tricksothetrade Fandom Boy's Next Door
Murdoc Niccals (age 16/AU) murdoc_is_god Fandom Gorillaz (AU variation) AIM: DrMurdocNicalls (However you can speak to Muds IC with 'FourStringJudas')
Dawn Sanders littlebitbad Fandom Buffy the Vampire Slayer AIM: sixtyonereasons
William Turner sassy_will Fandom Pirates of the Caribbean AIM: tabbymun
Elizabeth Turner cagedswann Fandom Pirates of the Caribbean
Remus J. Lupin brother_moon Fandom Harry Potter
Greg Sanders sandersrocksit Fandom CSI T.V series AIM: sandersrocksit
Remus John Lupin loonymoony Fandom Harry Potter AIM: tabbymun
Beth Wallace bethwallace Fandom Passions
Tonks a_klutzy_auror Fandom Harry Potter
Dracula (Alucard) mr_tepes Fandom Hellsing AIM:AweebitTepesy
Alice wonderfulalice Fandom American McGee's 'Alice'
Jason Schuyler thewolf_inside Fandom Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Book series AIM: lycoinside
Hermes Maiados Huios mercurialnature Fandom Greek Mythology
Sirius Black maraudingstar Fandom Harry Potter
Nathaniel leonathaniel Fandom Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Book series AIM: lycoinside
Eris divinebaglady Fandom Greel Mythology
Tyler Durden and "Jack" hitmejack Fandom Fight Club
Metatron gods_voice Fandom Dogma AIM: godsvoice
Edward only_edward Fandom Anita Blake Vampire Hunter book series
Gabriel lion_passant Fandom Anita Blake Vampire Hunter book series AIM: insomniakitten
Bethany Sloane bethany_sloane Fandom Dogma movie
Cherry brideofplanetx Fandom Anita Blake Vampire Hunter
Scarlet scarlet_wpn_dev Fandom Final Fantasy 7
St. John Allerdyce (Pyro) thefireofasaint Fandom X-Men (movieverse) AIM: nojudasgoat
Phedre no Delauney angels_pawn Fandom Kushiel's Dart
Justin Belmont justin_belmont Fandom OC Castlevania series
Jack Frost jack_bros Fandom Shin Megami Tensei
Pyro Jack jack_bros Fandom Shin Megami Tensei
Ron Burgundy anchorman_ron Fandom Anchorman Movie. AIM: Wheely Cheese
Murdoc Nicalls murdoc_nicalls Fandom Gorillaz AIM: DRMurdocNicalls
Dorothy Gale not_your_hero Fandom Wizard of Oz
2D and Noodle 2dee Fandom Gorillaz AIM: sandersrocksit
Seras Victoria red_eyed_girl Fandom Hellsing AIM: demoncrowe
Aeon Flux a_flux Fandom Aeon Flux TV series and movie. AIM: ZoeHarris
Colonel Wilhelm Klink colonelklink Fandom Hogan's Heroes TV series. AIM: Wheely Cheese
Faith and Cia Rayne thebestbrats Fandom Buffy the Vampire Slayer AIM: BloodRedRavyn
Willy Wonka wonky_willy Fandom Charlie and the Chocolate Factory AIM:ladyrholmes
Jason Schuyler thewolf_inside Fandom Anita Blake Vampire Hunter AIM: lycoinside
Nate Graison leonathaniel Fandom Anita Blake Vampire Hunter AIM: lycoinside
Kylie Owens owens_girl Fandom Practical Magic AIM: insomniakitten
Draco Malfoy malfoys_dragon Fandom Harry Potter AIM: insomniakitten
Warren Peace venus_afflicted Fandom Sky High AIM: insomniakitten
Death the_end_is_me Fandom Sandman
Greed man_of_means Fandom Fullmetal Alchemist AIM: salucci123
Bradley eye_of_the_king Fandom Fullmetal Alchemist AIM: salucci123