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29 November 2011 @ 06:34 am
It was barely a door, more a doorway with a few scattered boards and nails. Still it was a door and of course she had to go through it, down a few steps and into what was once a grand old hotel.

"Anybody home?" And softer "Anyone alive?" Not that the living had any more business in Transgression than the dead did.

((feeling nostalgic and reading old - old - OLD posts.))
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09 February 2009 @ 08:49 pm
I seem to recall a chapel being around here, once upon a time.

"Shush, Yumie." Yumiko surveys the ruined hotel, chewing her lower lip uncertainly. She'd known some time had passed since she'd visited Transgressions, but given the immortal nature of the place, she hadn't expected any major changes over the past two or three years. There's a sharp pain in her chest, where her heart used to beat, as she looks over the place. "I don't think there's anyone left in the remaining portions. Poor Bludget."

I don't think we're going to find anyone here. Maybe we'd best go back home.

"..." She looks down, nudging an old chunk of rubble aside with a foot. It looks like someone'd tried to throw one last party here a while ago, and it hadn't quite worked out. After a good half an hour, she starts up to find the epicenter. "There's something we need to do first." Slowly, she kneels and clasps her hands together.

...You're right.

"Our Father, who art in Heaven..."
11 August 2008 @ 10:52 am
Gone are the days these halls were filled with merriment and dark light. Pasty are the times you could wander anywhere within and hear the gasps, moans, and screams of those in absolute ecstacy. Now all is quiet, all is tame, all is...

...hmmm, there does seem to be a bit too much dust on everything too.

"Seriously? What has become of the housekeeping staff??"

Lashing out to the right, flowers and garlands sweep over a wall.

A sweeping gesture to the left, pheromones spread throughout the confines and remain fresh and steady in the air.

Leaning back against a wall, Ares, produces a goblet and pours himself some strawberry wine...waiting to see if anything results.
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22 September 2007 @ 10:02 pm
Nothing moved here. No muffled laughter, hell no muffled screams either. Just the dust drifting up, catching in the light and falling back down to earth. Dust scattered by light footsteps as Leela walked from from room to room, floor to floor of the once grand old hotel. The hallway that Top Dollar had attacked her in, once dark and forboding, now empty, deserted. The courtyard where she and Jaydyn had held hands and talked, or argued, or joked with each other. She walked down the stairs and stopped at the landing where she had once found the still body of her arch enemy Raina, newly dead and still warm and bleeding after having just given birth to Rhoswynn.

Leela smiled at that, both at the memory of seeing her enemy finally dead and gone, and at the memory of the beautiful baby she'd rescued that day. The baby that was growing up healthy and strong, cared for and loved, fostered out to a family member of the pards'. At the thought of one child, her hand stole down to rub the mound over her stomach, the child of her own growing inside. The mound was mostly hidden by a long peasant skirt, and a loose shirt, but nothing could hide the faint gold glow of her skin, the softer, rounder curves of her face and body.

Here, this was the room she was attacked by a werewolf, and in that building over there she once danced on top of a stage, stripping for an evil (and utterly sexy) red-headed vampire. And that? That's where her stepbrother, the Wolf of Ragnarok, Fenris himself had once killed a version of her. Ducking behind a door, and through another passageway Leela stopped still, the memories crowding in her mind, the images so strong they were nearly visible. That was where she and Jack had kissed several times, not caring who in the world could see them. And that's where she and Tabby had hung out together, playing, joking and laughing. And Adrian, and Crimson. And even Jimmy. Where did they all go?

"Where did we all go?" She whispered to herself, drawing a line in the dust along a wavy-glassed window pane.
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29 January 2007 @ 06:56 pm
I watch as people pass by none seem to stay. The bar was still empty no one seemed to be there. I have been sitting here for what seemed like my life I almost thing that my sister will show up to take me away. I know I will have my day some day that I will have to say a final good bye to my older sister. Drink after drink, drink after drink yet it has no affect. Then again thats just me. I guess its time for me to create some dreams. I search the room for anyone who seems they are in need of "sleep" and I find one man sitting in the corner. I stand and walk toward him.

"How have you been sleeping latly?"
29 January 2007 @ 06:45 pm
Matrix hoped out of the shower and quickly got dressed in some gym closes lying on the floor puting aside his gun on the table to clean the old girl just as he had done for him self. She had gotten him out of many diffrent problems and always in "eye"-shot due to the implant in his eye.

Soon enough she was shining as new as the day he had got her when he was 1.7. Now it was time for a good work out. Matrix headed out the door and ran down the many stairs into the gym for a long tough workout. He needed for if he felt that he was going to skip one day that might mean one day less of fighting evil that had grown over the net that he would be deleted in battle. That was sure as hell not going to happen to him.
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29 January 2007 @ 06:37 pm
The door creeked open and out walking a madman dressed to make a few laughs or atleast a few laughs for himself.
"well well well what a day that has been." He sits down and puts his feet on the desk infront of him while removing his blood stained gloves and rolling up his now purple and red shirt.
"Ah, so many faces to put a smile on so little time HAHAHAH! Good thing bat-breath can't find me here HA!"
He relaxed and planed his next blast.
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29 January 2007 @ 05:18 pm
Jason's new digs aren't anything to write home about. The Hotel's seen better days, after all. It's been through a war, and a major metaphysical meltdown that squashed a bunch of it. His room is pretty bare, a bed and a couch, a small table and enough space that he can heat up food. It's no way to live, but with his own world all messed up, it's what he's got for himself.

He's a little careful around Harley - giving her the benefit of the doubt for now. But here, he has to be more careful - a slipup here could be dangerous, what with the lack of protection against harm.

"It isn't much, but..." He'll even hold the door for her.
30 November 2006 @ 11:27 am
As Okiku appeared quietly in Transgression, he could only shake his head. The place wasn't holding up like it once had. Though he had been gone since the days of the so-called-war between hero and vampire, he had expected to find the old hotel much as it once had been. Everything felt different, however. Less substantial and disconnected. It had taken a hell of a lot more will power to phase in, at least, and that alone was enough to shake him.

At least the bar was still intact. With a wry smile he slid his hand across it, remembering the good old days. The days long forgotten. He leaned over, reaching under, searching for a bottle. Any bottle would do. When his hand brushed across glass he wrapped it around something circular and drew it out. It was nothing he recognized. It was...

...well, it was green.

Taking a seat, he popped the cork and put it to his lips, hesitating. It had a fairly pungent odor. He took a swig anyways, just to be sure.

As he tried to ignore the fact that his throat was on fire, he looked around. Where the hell was everyone?
23 October 2006 @ 10:59 pm
Her hair dripping wet after washing it in the restroom over the sink, Vivian stepped back out of the ladies', only to find herself not in the bar she'd been in just fifteen minutes ago in New York.

"Fuck", she quickly shot a glance around for any other patrons. "S'been a while since you were here Viv" she announced to herself after seeing the bar seemingly empty. The bar, just as it had always stood, fully stocked and as if no time had ever passed, she ran a finger over the polished wood. Then the memories washed over her like a cheesy flashback scene in a movie. Voices from the past, events, Jaydyn carrying her off over his shoulder, dancing with Adrian, fighting with Leelaman!, giving Blade as good as he gave her, Sands, Sawyer... and Top, it all started here.

She smiled to herself, jumping up to hoist herself over the bar to pull out the bottle of vodka that was always in the end slot on the liquor rail. Pouring herself a glass, she slipped back onto the barstool and lit a cigarette.

"Thanks Trans" she raised her glass to the sky, "Can't think of a better old friend to share a drink with", she drained the glass in one swig, and began to pour herself another.