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_tragickingdom's Journal

Welcome to The Tragic Kingdom
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+ about _TragicKingdom is the graphics journal of me, creepxcake. I also own the community wretched_icons, where you can request icons from me and the other makers, so it's likely that you've seen my icons around. It's here that I'll be posting all my free-for-all graphics, free for you to use as long as you give credit to me. Please read the rules below before taking anything. If you are looking for custom graphics then check out wretched_icons instead.

+ rules 01. Please credit me for anything you take from here. If it's an icon then credit me in the icon keywords, if it's anything else (for example a banner) then credit me in your userinfo. Do not take credit for my work or claim it as your own.
02. Only take the things that I post for you to take. Don't take my any of my personal icons, etc.
03. Please comment when taking anything. I like to see where my graphics are going.
04. Never direct link anything. That means don't right click, get the image url, and use that url on your sites. Instead please save images and upload them to your own server.
05. Don't tell your friends they can use my icons with credit, instead direct them to this journal. :)

+ other I have many other journals/communities/sites.. I'm such an internet whore. I wont link them all here, but heres a few of the main ones..
creepxcake - personal journal.
wretchedfairy - art/photography journal.
wretched_icons - graphics request community.
wexample - graphics example journal.
wretchedfairy - personal greatestjournal.
pretty-chaos.net - personal site & blog.
wretched-fairy.org - site collective.
trashed-mb.com - message board.

+ other If you would like me to link you here let me know.

+ donate I don't have a lot of money (and that's not a lie..) so if you would be kind enough to donate a small amount of money into my paypal account I'd love you forever <3 My email address for paypal is zinzi@pretty-chaos.net - I think thats all you should need. I can make you a custom graphic or or something in return <3

+ the whore herself In the past when I've had icon journals people have asked to see what I look like, so here you go: