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i`m trying to make a background for my friend, but i can`t get it to work. i would like it so that behind the main text [of the journal, that is] is white and the background picture is to the left of it.

[it`s supposed to say this:
Will You Hold My Hand? elbow?
in pink, lime green, and purple. if you have any suggestios or can do it yourself, please comment!]

thanks a bunch!


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*people wanted for request team*

I am in the middle of setting up a request team for Toxicons, so if you want to apply, please email me @ or reply here with:

1)Name/ Nickname
2) How long you have been here.,
3) Position, Member, etc.
4) URLS to some of your work.
5) Why you think you should be on the request team.

5 places up for grabs, and all aplications no longer than Wednesday!


Hi there everyone. I posted a little while ago and for those of you don't know, I am Meera. :) *waves* I made some starfish/beach icons. I would like to thank the awesome base community lc_bases, owned by one of my friends, for the excellent bases!

[x]comment if taking
[x]credit new_yorker_grl
[x]check out more @ my icon comm iconz_galore if you feel like it
[x]enjoy and share

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Sorry, but _toxicons_ is a closed community. To see if you can join, you need to be a friend of thedreaming1, and then comment on this entry. If you are a friend, you will be sent an invite.

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Alright? So if you want to join, just comment here (I've extended some invites to others. If you are one of those people, please comment on this entry saying whether you accept the invite or not).
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