Are you toxic enough?

Toxic Beauty
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hey there, i'd like to introduce your mods. i am xcatalyst_ aka veronica and this is my partner in crime xsincerely_me aka kirstin. we are the mods. we are toxic, we are the creators, and we have the final say in anything that goes on in this community. remember that.

Rules -
+Must be 13 or older to apply
+Males and females will be considered.
+No arguing or fighting with other members, or you'll be banned
+There must be a definate yes from both mods
+Must have at least 5 yes' to be accepted (but rememeber, mods have final say)
+The ENTIRE application must be behind an lj-cut. If you don’t know how to do an lj-cut, ask
+You must apply with at least 2 clear pictures. We wanna see your toxic beauty
+Only stamped members are allowed to vote. You can reply to comments on only your application
+On the first post containing your application, put “So Toxic” in the subject line to let us know you read the rules
+We're not sympathetic... so save it!
+The first 7 applicants to apply automatically get in. you still have to fill out the application. but mods still have final say.
+If you get rejected, dont piss and moan, you can reapply in one week with new pictures
+If you don’t submit an application within the first 48 hours of joining, you will be banned
+Grow some balls. APPLY.
+Your application will be stamped within 48 hours of posting. If its not, don't ask, that'll get you banned. We're probably busy.
+Make us laugh, we like that
+Put some thought into your answers. Dont leave anything blank or say I dont know.

Stamped Members-
+STAY ACTIVE. That’s important.
+Its alright if you promote, but put it in an lj-cut please.
+Answers go in subject line. And be honest.
+No drama, please. We've got enough of it in our own lives.
+Vote and promote like crazy!
+Post new pictures every once in a while. Go shopping, post pics, just bored, post pics, you're easy on the eyes.
+If you have any suggestions, please, let us know
+Be a bitch, it’s okay.

we will be starting themes and whatnot after we have more people. So be waiting! :)

Application -
Boring Stuff -
name +
location +
age/sign +
sex +
sexual preferance +
status +

Favorites -
movie +
bands/singers +
season +
actor/actress +
ice cream +
color +

Give us your opinions -
abortion +
gay marriages +
jessica and nick +
war in iraq +
sexiest man alive +
drugs/alcohol +
sandals with socks +

Now, show us how toxic you are +

Promotion Banners +

made by the lovely sheena07

Rejected Banners +

also made by sheena07

Accepted Banners +

made by sheena07