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[x]Favorite bands/artist:from autumn to ashes, cursive, the sleeping, catch22, i am the avalanche, my chemical romance, taking back sunday, brand new, the killers, the thrills, ok go, thursday, bayside, action action, led zeppelin... haha many more bands
[x]Interest:music, bass, guitar, surfing, skating, song writing
[x]How you found us out:clicked on the people who had surfing for their interest and this seemed cool
[x]How much makeup do you wear:not a lot just coverup sometimes and mascara
[x]Interesting facts:im obsessed with music, haha i dont know, im crazy and weird,random and sXe

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[x]Favorite bands/artist:greenday, old sum41, blink 182, nivana, astrid haven, ect, some heavier stuff
[x]Interest:music, skating, my babi boys, LJ, AIM, guitar, drawing, photography, writing
[x]How you found us out:i searched finding nemo, go figure
[x]How much makeup do you wear:black eyeliner, black mascara, brown/shining mocha lipgloss, and that would be all. and only on days when i give a damn
[x]Interesting facts:im random, im 5 months pregnant, i am a female skater, i like pepsi more than coke, i almost wrote that i was six because my one key doesnt work well opps.
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[x]Favorite bands/artist: mest, blink 182, story of the year, three days grace, thursday, taking back sunday, early november, ext.
[x]Sex: male
[x]Interest: poetry, songwriting, guitar, music..but then again music = life, fish and reading
[x]How you found us out: i searched for a comm. and u guys caught my eye
[x]How much makeup do you wear: not a lot...
[x]Interesting facts: seahorses are the only species in the world where the male gives birth!

[x] Any pictures you may have. If you dont have that many pictures..I'm cool with that. So..have a great time!
sorry i only have one but its horrible im in such prepy clothes...im in a collered tee and i have red hair now so.. yeah
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[x]Favorite bands/artist: New found glory, Yellowcard, Blink 182, Something Corperate.
[x]Interest:Bands, Music, sleeping...
[x]How you found us out:My friend Sarah
[x]How much makeup do you wear:None
[x]Interesting facts:I like fish

[x] Any pictures you may have. If you dont have that many pictures..I'm cool with that. So..have a great time! I dont have any...
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[x]Name: Hilary
[x]Favorite bands/artist: Smile empty soul, afi, the clash, sex pistols, rancid
[x]Sex: female
[x]Interest: guitar and music
[x]How you found us out: i don't remember
[x]How much makeup do you wear: not the much, just really dark eye liner
[x]Interesting facts: um I don't know...

well, I don't know if that help to get to know me, but feel free to ask me anything.


[x]Favorite bands/artist:Coheed and Cambria, Blink 182, Rufio, Modest Mouse, Thursday, Taking Back Sunday, Yellowcard, New Found Glory, etc...
[x]Interest:Dancing(I take tap, jazz, and ballet, listening to music, hanging out with friends, going to the mall.
[x]How you found us out:I was looking under "Blink 182" for interests and saw this.
[x]How much makeup do you wear: Some eyeliner, maybe eye shadow, and lipgloss sometimes..
[x]Interesting facts: Um...there really isn't anything that interesting about me....

[x] Any pictures you may have. None at the moment...sorry =\.

Well I hope you guys will accept me....=).

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