Christine (charmed_star) wrote in _toughcuties_,

1. Name: Christine
2. location: Milton, Ma
3. AGE: 16
4. gender: female
5. Top five favorite movies: NAPOLEON DYNAMITE, Billy Madison, Old School, Donnie Darko, &Thirteen
6. Favorite bands: Taking Back Sunday, Letterkills, FATA, No Doubt, Dashboard
7. Why do you think your tough enough to be here?: well, at Warped Tour I witnessed Kait and Kari's period blood scene without puking.
8. Bush or Kerry and why?: neither, because they both suck anus &i could run the country better if i wanted too. p.s. i'd make kait and kair my most highest cabinet members, what now bitches.
9. I love gay people, do you?: who doesn't? tell me i'll whip them with my numb chucks.
10. What do you think of the mods?: amazing. they're the hottest people i know by far, not to mention the coolest, didn't you know?
11. do you like to do things naked. Why or why not. well i like to shower naked but most people do. other than that... ;)
12. Whats your favorite color? hot pink, bitchezzz.


my free hat from warped is better than yours.

paintshop is fun. that's why i'm making this comm. banners HOLLER!

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