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1. Name - Silver
2. location - Connecticut
3. AGE - 15
4. gender - female!
5. Top five favorite movies -
- neverending story
- pirates of the carribean
- party monster
- peter pan
- snow white
6. Favorite bands - the birthday massacre, orgy, rammstein .. um um 5ive! haha...hanson <3...Muse, The Killers, My Chemical Romance...lots of others!
7. Why do you think your tough enough to be here? cuz one time this girl was asking me if i was a witch..and being bitchy and i wanted to scare her so i pointed my finger at her and said 'YOURE GONNA GET PNEUMONIA YOU STUPID FUCKING BITCH' and then like a few months later she really DID get pneumonia and was out of school for a month! .. it was kinda scary
8. Bush or Kerry and why? kerry cuz bush is nasty
9. I love gay people, do you? gay guys make me hawt :-)
10. What do you think of the mods? *lick* <3
11. do you like to do things naked. Why or why not. no but i run around in my bra and undies somtimes *tehe*
12. Whats your favorite color? neon clear 8-)

just to let you know my hair and makeup usually isnt this obnoxious!
w00t me

^ lol .. i was rrairing like a wierdo cat

me and clarissa <3
^ me and my best friend clarissa :-)
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