kerriberri (________xx) wrote in _toughcuties_,

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1. Name kerriberri
2. location rockford ill
3. AGE 16
4. gender girl
5. Top five favorite movies. 16 candles, ferris buellers day off, pretty in pink, dirty dancing, american pie
6. Favorite bands 63 degrees kelvin, maytag romance, thermostat installers, henry fantin latour, whirlpool mice, as i lay dying, everytime i die, mest
7. Why do you think your tough enough to be here? ummm cuz i kick ass tehe
8. Bush or Kerry and why? kerry cuz i shave my bush and kerry is my name!!!
9. I love gay people, do you? i think its soooooo hott when 2 guys make out teheheheh
10. What do you think of the mods? hotttt
11. do you like to do things naked. Why or why not. oh yea lol naww im not a slut
12. Whats your favorite color? mint green

<3 kerriberri
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