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The Total Package

The Total Package
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This is a rating community that assesses inner as well as the outter beauty, in order to make up the total package.

The Rules


001. Those applying must write "Am I The Total Package?" as their entry subject so we know you have read the rules.

002. You must answer all the questions in the survey honestly.

003. No nude pictures. You will be banned.

004. You must accompany the survey with no less than 2 pictures of yourself and no more than 6. Pictures must be under a cut.

005. You may argue your rejection if you have a stamped member's approval and apply again.

Stamped Members:

001. When voting, you may just give a yes or no. If you are going to add why you did or did not like their application, please don't be rude about it.

002. Once you are stamped please make sure you join the community. If you're not added, your vote won't count.

003. You may post more pictures of yourself, however, the more then two rule still applies. Embrace the lj-cut!


NO DRAMA! This is a drama-free zone. You got a beef with another member? Keep it on your personal space, k?

The Survey


Fav. Movies:

Fav. Bands/Singers:

Fav. Stores:

Fav. Books:

3 adjectives describing your personality:

What song best depicts your life?

If there was a movie about your life, who would play you? Why?

What's your poison (drink of choice)?

Who's your role model & why?

Your thoughts on:

-gay marriages
-the current president of the united states

And finally, why do you want to join?

Good luck to everyone!

Your maintainers,

Ana _gucci_gurly & Izzy __tinkerbelle_