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♥are you totally glamourous ♥
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sexual preference:
status [include picture if possible]:

bands (+4):
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rolemodel and why:
Who sent you here?

[[last but not least]]
What makes you totally glamour?

[[Promotion (optional)]]:

Now post atleast 4 clear pictures of yourself

[[Rules for the ones apply]]
- Must be atleast 15 years of age
- Can't handle critism? don't apply
- Bold your questions, it's annoying to read if not.
- In the subject put totally glamour
- Don't talk back to mods/maintainers/members
- Don't say thank you to EACH and every one of your votes, it makes our job accepting/rejected harder.
- We want glamourous members, if you've never been told by anyone other than your family that you're beautiful, don't apply.
- You will be stamped after 48 hours
- MUST use an LJ cut, if you don't know how, my email is at the top or ask somebody.
- Don't comment anywhere else besides your application until you're stamped

[[Rules for the accepted]]
- Vote must be in the subject at all times
- Give them a reason why you're voting the way you are
- When randomly posting, in your subject make sure and put stamped.
- Stay Active
- When leaving for vacation, leaving the community, leaving for a couple of days, let us know.
- Once you've voted, that will be your final answer, if you do change it, it will not be counted, simple yes or no, no undecided votes.
- No promotions what so ever
- Advertise us in your userinfo.

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Lacey glammerize

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