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im awake in the infinate cold. would you sing to me over and over again. so i lay my head back down and i lift my hands and pray to be only yours i pray to be only yours i know now your my only hope.

i wanna witness all of your dreams.. i wanna be the wind that fills your cells.. all that youve been dreaming of and so much more.. i wanna be your everything.

now folks heres one from back when things seemed "perfect"
baby when i look at you you know it breaks my heart in 2 how beautifull you are.
i seen you in a million dreams now your finally here with me we will never be apart(bullshit) i wanna hold you forever. thats all ill ever need. you are my love you are my life my heart and soul the truest friend ill ever know you are my world all of my dreams my fantasy my reality i love everything you are.

today was horrible!! i did not have a good day at all i should be doing my homework im already behind it sucks!

but whatever.
tomorrow is friday! game.. grape and whine i just hope that it is fun!
i have to set up tomorrow.
i am supposedto hang out with a bunch of ppl this weekend i hope it works out!! any takers?
tennis was not bad we got 4 games out of the bitches.
haha i was pissed as usual.
im so depressed lol i need a man. just to be with and cuddle.
emily i sound like you! but im right there with you. i need and want the feeling.:)
i should be getting better... instead what do i get ... more sick!!
i really need a good day!!

why aren't i hungry?? wtf on that cuz im alway's hungry!

k im ganna go i think do some homework.

love to most once again... sincerily:::: Bam


ok seriously dj2 fucking be bi polor and crazy.... why cant it be good like it was back when..

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    my smiley looks on crack!! omg lmao

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Hey Girls, Sorry about before~ I dont know why my thing was coming up blank.
Anyways, My friends list is getting confusing so I made a new name just for my
communities so if you could please add danigrl830 <~~That's me

thanks, and again Im sorry

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This is how they do it in fashion magazines.

Sometimes when you see those perfect and beautiful models with those sleepy eyes and pouty lips staring at you from the pages of a fashion magazine, you wonder how they do it. Well, what you don't know is that in most cases you see 10% model and 90% Photoshop. Let's unravel some of those secrets.

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