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Bird's Song

A Place For Kureno Worship

The Sohma Kureno Society
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Hello, and welcome to the Sohma Kureno Society, a place to lavish praise/discuss/lavish more praise on Akito’s personal secretary, Kureno. Your moderators, flamika and miyabita13, thought it was time for Kureno to have a fan club of his very own. After all, why should Yuki and Kyou be the only ones to enjoy the honor? Kureno is a mysterious character, indeed, though much is revealed about him as the manga progresses. For that reason, please keep in mind that there will be quite a few spoilers from the most recent Japanese Furuba chapters.

You may be wondering about the community’s name, tori_no_uta. Tori means “bird”, while uta means “song”. Thus, “song of bird” or Bird’s Song. Since Kureno is the Bird of the Jyuunishi (Zodiac), and birds are known for their beautiful melodies, we thought that the name would be a fitting touch for Kureno.

Just a few rules:

1. Kureno gets quite a bit of abuse from Akito and Shigure as it is, so please don’t bash him or other characters/pairings. That also goes for people in the community – no bashing or flaming of any sort. Remember, this is a KNIFE FREE ZONE! ^_^;;

2. Please place all your spoilers in an LJ Cut. After all, the English release hasn’t reached chapter 97 yet, so expect that some people here aren’t up to date on the Japanese release. If you’re not sure how to do an LJ Cut, please refer to the FAQ.

3. Any artwork, fiction, discussion, etc. over a PG-13 rating should be placed in an LJ Cut as well. After all, we wouldn’t want to corrupt anyone too much. ^^ If you do put up something that has R or NC-17 content, please make sure to label it accordingly so that others can decide if they wish to look at it or not.

4. This community is open to anything Kureno, so that means that while there may be Akito x Kureno shippers, there may also be Kureno x Arisa fans. Bottom line – be prepared for het, yaoi, angst, fluff, etc. As long as it pertains to Kureno, anything is welcomed.

Enough rules. We hope you have fun here! Feel free to post your fics, your icons, your artwork or get into a heated discussion! If it’s Kureno, it has to be good. ^_^

Signed, your moderators,

flamika and miyabita13

made by flamika

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