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If you have facebook I need your help

If you are my friend on fb already then you have seen my post about joining a fan page. Basically there is a new phone app coming out for Americas next top model and the person who creates a fan page with the most fans by Dec. 1st wins the amount of fans in dollars! (The maximum is 500 - so if I get 500 people to become a fan of the page then I can win $500! And lord knows I can really use that money.)

I know realistically my chances are slim but there arent many people making pages and I really think with the support of friends that I can do it. And all you have to do is click the button at the top of the page that says 'become a fan' thats it! simple. (and of course if you have a cellphone that supports the game, be sure to download the game - its fun!)

So help me out. Id be ever so thankful.

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does anyone have the pictures from the adam and eve body paint shoot? im doing something similar for my hairschool, its a fanatasy competition and i wanna show the people im working with what i mean when i say i want to do something like this. (we're not doing adam and eve, its a battle between fire and ice. should be cool)

thanks in advance.



Does anyone know what month the magazine with Caridee in it comes out? I don't really look at Seventeen Magazine, but I really want to get it when it comes out.
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