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Look no further because _toomuch_beauty is the community for you! We (the creators) are from the Midwest, along with most of the original members, but we welcome comments from everybody everywhere, as long as they are nice! We like people! They taste good. We want to get everyone sharing thoughts and getting involved. Thank you for joining, and we hope you enjoy the ideas we have going on here.

When you read the name of our community you probably thought that it was mostly for females or about things having to do with beauty, but that's not the case at all. We are working on making it easier to understand what we are all about. The main goal in here is to post entries pertaining to the list of topics (that you can find listed below) and then having everyone discuss them. It's a great way to get to know people's views and what they are thinking. If there are any ideas that you may have that would help it to advance even more, please feel free to share them. We are also working on our userinfo, and we are trying to get it all set up. Bear with us; we'll have it done soon enough! Thanks!

I noticed that not many people have been updating here in this community, so if you are browsing and looking for a new community to place your thoughts in; do it here! We are always looking for new members, so join, and share your ideas.

Once you have become a member of the community, please take time to share the information asked below and post it in an update. This way, everyone can get to know more about you.

:::What is your:::
1. Name:
2. Nicknames:
3. Date of Birth: dd/mm/year
4. Sex:
5. Sexual Orientation:
6. Height:
7. Hair:
8. Eye Color:
9. Location (City, Region, Country):
10. Zodiac Sign:
11. Employment:
12. Aspiration(s):
13. Pet Peeve(s):
14. Interests:
15. Miscellaneous Info about Me:
16. Favorite Band or Artists:
17. Reasons for joining this community and where you heard about us:

Some of the topics of our community are:
• Movies - Either that you have seen or would like to recommend to people.
• Poetry - Share either other people's poetry or your own.
• Happiness Is... - Start the sentence out with Happiness is... and finish it in one sentence.
• Knowledge Sharing Day - Share with us information about whatever you know information about(meditation, artwork - you could show the steps, crafts with pictures of steps included, and etc).
• Joke Day - Clean humor, no jokes that are going to offend people or hurt their feelings.
• Picture Updates - Share pictures that you like with members of the community, whether if it be of yourself or of other things.
• Smiles and Happiness All Around - Share different things that can either A) Make you smile, B) Make your day better, or C) Make you happy.
• Two Lines Day - For this topic, you would write two lines and two lines only of an entry. Members can either add to the two lines or share two lines of their own. You'd be amazed at what two lines can say to people when they read them.
• Unsent Letters Day - Have something on your mind that you can't say to someone, feel free to write what you can't say here and get it out of your system.
• Anonymous Guilty Thoughts Posts - For this topic, you can get creative and pour out your heart while doing so. The idea is to be to creative and make a hand made card/postcard and within the artwork add in what the guilty secret is. You don't have to show it in words, pictures work well enough.
• Movie Mondays - Discuss the movies that you watched over the weekend on each Monday of the week.
• Story Tuesdays - On Tuesdays, share any stories that you have written or have found online and the members can let you know what they think of them.
• Good Deed Wednesday - For this topic, you are going to do a good deed for the week and discuss it on Wednesdays.
• Inspirational Thursday - Talk about what inspires you to keep going and why.
• Thank God It's Friday - On Fridays, write a list of positive things that have happened to you throughout the week.
• Musical Saturdays- Saturdays will be left open for writing about whatever music you have been listening to lately and what you like about it.
• Special Sunday - For this topic, (on Sundays) you will write about people in your life that are special to you and expain why.
• Television - Certain shows/programs/channels that you enjoy watching. Are there any channels on t.v. that you think we would be better without?
• Computer Games
• Computers in General
• Musical recommendations - A brief description of what type of music it is and where people can go check out their music.
• Concerts - Name some that you have been to and if you had a good time while being there(if anything made it memorable) or if there is a band or artist that you would love to see in concert sometime in the future.
• Outdoor Activities - Such as biking, walking, going to the park, sitting outside, hiking, playing frisbee or frisbeegolf, rollarblading and suggestions for other activites that are fun to do outdoors that people might not be aware of.
• Hobbies - Whatever you enjoy to do that others may not know about you.
• Artwork - Either other people's work or your own that you would like to show off to the people in the community.
• Pictures/Photography - Either that you have taken or just pictures in general that you find on the internet.
• Activities that you enjoy to do with your friends - Name them and tell stories about activities that you may have done in the past that were fun.
• Books - Either that you have read or want to read.
• Sports - Either different teams that you enjoy or various sports that you enjoy playing.
• Fitness - Name whatever activities you may do if you work out or exercise. If you do yoga, maybe talk about it and how you could go about starting it. Basically anything that falls under the fitness category would work.
• Family - Size of, if you have brothers or sisters, stories about family moments.
• Little Kid Stories - Share with us some of your stories that happened when you were a kid.
• Pets - What kinds, their names, if there are certain animals you wish you could have as a pet, but can't.
• Road Trips - Either where you have gone or places that you are planning on visiting in the next couple of months that you are excited about going to.
• Dreams/Sleepwise - Mention past dreams that you may have had, name weird dreams that occurred, if you have ever had reoccurring dreams.
• Dreams/Hopes - Goals that you hope to achieve someday, tell what they are and why you want to conquer them.
• Holidays/Times of the Year - Tell if you have any favorite Holidays or time of the year and why.
• Secrets - If there are any that you would like to share or talk about, you could.
• Relationships - Past or present ones that you have had, maybe talk about them a little.
• Friendships - Tell stories about your friends and things that you have done together.
• Inspirational Quotes - Feel free to share them.
• Cars
• Current Events - Either about things that you've heard on the news or about what's going on in the world today that you think would be good for a discussion.
• Religion - Write about whatever your take is on it and then it can be up for discussion.
• The Weather - Tell about how the weather is and everyone can share how it is wherever they are at.
• Jobs - Talk about what you do at your job and if you like it or not.
• Politics.
• Sex, Romance, and/or Love.

If you think of any topics that could be added to our list, just let us know; thanks!