Football Is Back!

Fuck yea, I'm so stoked for football being back.  Of course, on the opening day (which I asked for the day off from work) we lost the fucking power.  I had to go to the neighbour's house to watch for a little bit, but we got the power back thankfully.  I just hope that the Eagles have a better year this year, they're losing 10-7 right now, let's turn it around dudes!

I went to a college football game for the first time yesterday with my dad.  I ended up scoring free tickets to the Michigan/Central Michigan game from a teacher at work who couldn't go, the seats were in the upper left corner by the end zone, so the view was really good.  Not bad for free tickets huh?  Michigan won 41-17, which was cool.  I just wish it could've been a little closer, I felt bad for Central because there was some bad calls by the officials, but oh well.  There was an hour rain delay not even through the first quarter, which sucked because I ended up getting to work an hour and fifteen minutes because of it, fizuck!  Well, nevermind that Eagles score, it's now 14-10 Eagles thanks to Donovan hitting Reggie Brown for a 5 yard TD, fuck yea!

Mel is at work until 4 I think, so hopefully she's not too busy.  If you're reading this babe, I loves ya and keep up the good work and get more of those service stars!  

I've been listening to a lot of progressive rock/metal/jazz lately and it's awesome, for some reason I've been really getting into it.  I picked up a Tony Macalpine CD last night and it's just awesome, that guy can shred bigtime!  Check him out at  

It's starting to get cold out, especially today!  It's really windy and kinda gloomy looking outside, but it's Michigan and that is expected for 8 months out of the year.  


Poll Time!

You sleep best when... ?

it's cold; I like to snuggle in zee blankies
it's hot; gives me an excuse to sleep nakkid
it's neither hot nor cold but a happy medium
someone sticks my hand in a bowl of warm water

My Head Hurts......

I'm taking a shower.  Mel is at work until 5:30 and I'm bored stupid.  Maybe I'll eat some food and write some reviews, yea, that sounds good doesn't it?  It's too hot to go outside, I'd rather waste away in the air conditioning.  The Pistons play tonight, although I'm not even sure what team will show up when they take the court.  LET'S DO IT GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I mean, c'mon fellas.....there'ssss pizza!
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RIght now Mel is at work from 2-10, which means I have nothing to do.  I'm waiting for Douce to give me a call, but that's like waiting on hitting the lottery, it doesn't happen often, and when it does, you gotta step on it!  I'm not sure what we're doing after I pick Mel up, but most likely it will be getting coffee and possibly watching a movie when we get home.  Only 1 week until Vader as well as the last day of school, fuckin' fuck yea!  This year has gone by so quick it's scary, but I'm glad in a way too. 
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are you in

This might sound a little negative.

I feel sick to my stomach and lonely. This is bullshit, I don't actually have friends and that makes me feel really shitty about everything. I feel like I'm going to cry, but I never do. Those times that I do end up crying I cry myself to sleep, do some drugs, and forget about it. Then I pretend nothing is wrong about this when, in actuality, everything is wrong about it. I'm pretty normal. I don't expect this fact to be anything significant or different to anyone else's life. I know I can't be the only one to feel this way (regardless of how unsure that sentence actually sounds). I keep moving with eyes wide open, consious of the fact always that I'm driving myself into a wall and laughing all the while. I love this. I'm addicted to this. Regardless of how many times I end up crashing into that wall. I am addicted to the promise of failure.

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just a quick update 
June is the last month for me in Poland. 
I am soon moving to London. 
Therfore I created a blog in which me and my flatmate Vero are going to post photos and little notes about our last month together.
I dont know how interesting you are going to find it though ahve a look if you want to 
it's made as a community :)
all the posts are open
feel free to comment