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[Oh, you know we're hot]

If ya dare....

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All Members , Moderated

This is for people who are *far too hot* not to be in a community as hot as this one.

But, there are rules.

1. Do not argue with the mods, Bethany[Pammenator] or Laina[Pinkymalinka] as we will not hesitate to ban you.

2. Do not vote on anybody's posts unless you've been stamped.
3. Do not comment on anyone's posts other than your own, unless of course you've been stamped.
4. People are mean, deal with it.
5. Ebola rocks. end of story. kthxbye.

Rules Upon Applying:
1. Subject line - Stick to words?
2. LJ CUT! No cut, automatic rejection
3. Don't post HUGE pictures
4. Don't type in all caps.
5. DoONnt TypPE LiEKe THIsSs
6. Use punctuation, please. All lower-case is fine, just... please use periods, semicolons, commas, or SOMETHING.

And the survey:

♥Favorite Nickname and why:
♥4 Favorite Bands:
♥3 Favorite Movies:
♥2 Favorite books/authors::
♥1 Where'd you find this comm?:
♥What makes you too hot to have text-only?:
♥What's the hottest thing about you, physically?:
♥What's the hottest thing about you, mentally, personality-wise, or anything else outside of the physical-appearance category?:
♥Who rocks your world?:
♥Favorite item of makeup?:
♥Views on homosexuality?:
♥Views on ebola?:
♥Give me a lyric, any lyric:
♥ 4+pics ♥


Stamps:[thx to PinkBraces]