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It's D-Day...

Well....I'm in for Knoxville. So if anyone else is going that way from Maine like I am...I'm offering a carpool. :P

How'd everybody else make out this morning? Did they sell out yet like the Orphans Tour did?
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I'm having a little stupid problem with timezones here: I'm london, and say I want a ticket for the arizona show - it says the ticket sales start at 12:00 am. Does that mean I have to calculate the time difference between london and arizona, or am I calling somewhere completely different? Ah this is a really dumb q, hope that made sense.
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ticket on-sale date and anti-scalping info

As on his last tour, Waits’ U.S. booking agent and longtime tour director, Stuart Ross, has spent a great deal of effort to fight ticket scalpers. Along with Ticketmaster, he has worked out a plan he believes will make sure every fan pays face value (plus normal service and handling fees) for the tickets purchased for the “Glitter and Doom” tour, outlined thusly:

“In keeping with Waits’ longtime desire to allow fans the best possible access to his shows, the Waits’ organization is again implementing an anti-scalping program to assure patrons that their tickets can only be purchased at face value (plus normal surcharges and handling fees). At the majority of shows on this tour, Ticketmaster is introducing their Paperless Ticket™ system. Prior to entering the venue, fans must simply provide their credit card which was used to purchase the tickets, along with a government issued ID. The fan’s accompanying guest must be present at that time. An attendant will swipe the credit card and provide a receipt for the transaction. The entire process is quick, secure and simple. Tickets will only be sold via the internet and by phone and are limited to two per person.”

Tickets for all markets are due to go on sale Friday, May 16th. Check local venues and Ticketmaster for specific start times. Tickets will be available via the internet and by phone.


Sounds like a good anti-scalping method to me. What do you think?
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On the Road..

I live in Montreal, and am debating heading down to the Columbus show. Of my friends, I’m the biggest Waits fan, so none of them are too impressed by the idea of flying/driving to Ohio.
Anyone else from the Windsor Corridor (Montreal, Ottawa, Tonronto...) thinking of making the trip? I’m interested in route suggestions, travel buddies, fun, non-Waits related things to do in Ohio, etc.

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Hi :] I'm 16 and I've been a fan of Tom Waits for about two and half years. When I found out today that he is going to be in Phoenix next month, I flipped out haha. I'm hoping very much that I'll be able to go.

Since the ticket info isn't up yet, I was just wondering if any of you seasoned Waits show-goers could tell me what kind of prices you have had to pay in the past. I hope that it isn't too much, or else I'll have to miss out. If any of you could give me an estimate, I'd very much appreciate it! :]
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No Austin date. Was hoping for a second chance to see him at the Paramount.

So, while I sit for the interminable til tickets go on sale, can anyone recommend where I should go?

Houston or Dallas are drivable, but I'm considering flying to one of the Saturday dates elsewhere. Anyone think one of those Saturday dates is at the best venue ever?