speaking of covers ...

i rather like tom waits's cover of kinky friedman's highway cafe.

actually, that whole album is pretty damned good.
kinky, like tom, are two performers / songwriters
that define their own music [though friedman is
definitely steeped in texas country].
if you like tom, you may like friedman.

Tom Waits covers

Alright, so what Waits covers do you guys actually like?

The only one I'm keen to is Screamin' Jay Hawkins' cover of "Whistlin' Past the Graveyard", which can be found on Itunes on the "New Coat of Paint: Tom Waits covers" comp. (I like Lydia Lunch, but just not that cover, ehhh).

Other than that I got pretty excited to hear Queens of the Stoneage did a cover of "Going Out West", can't say it's superb but I love Queens and like Homme's impression at the beginning. listen to it: here

And everyone knows Scarlett Johansens' cover cd is just absolute shit.

So what other covers should I check out?!
new me

for those of you in the UK...

Ticketmaster has just released more tickets to the Edinburgh show. Got mine in the back of the Orchestra section, then saw a few hours later, saw one for the front of the Circle. Damn! I'm short so that would've been much better for me.

At any rate, go, quickly, before they're gone again.
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louis garrel in the dreamers

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just a quick (annoying) question for you all...

as a recent discoverer of tom waits, i was wondering if any of you have a larger version of this photo, or more from this shoot? i love it.



so, did Mr. Waits tell you folks 'bout the pond water he swallowed six months ago? Well, he started feelin' somethin' kicking around in there and thought he was pregnant, so he had an ultrasound done... turns out he swallowed three tadpoles and they grew into toads. The doctor wanted to remove them, but he said it's really only a problem when he watches t.v., 'cause they start gettin' all loud. Har.

Oh, or that it's illegal for a woman to parachute on Sundays in Oklahoma?

Or that his sperm's gotten real expensive?

The moon smells like fireworks? So Neil Armstrong told him ('cause apparently he can smell through his suit).

Jacksonville was amazin'.

That's all.