Picture In A Frame

Hey there, I know the video says 'Don't Worry Be Happy' but this is actually my ukulele Hawaiian campfire version of Uncle Tom's song 'Picture In A Frame' (Mule Variations) with a little bit of Bobby McFly thrown in for groove. I hope you dig. Don't be shy. Dig away


Thanks for all the kind words! This is just another bit of proof that people who like TeeDubbs are just better. 

Someone asked for a link to the other videos I recorded during this Nagoya Bathroom Webcam Adventure Series. The other two tunes are both originals but if you're interested then clicky clicky clicky! 


13 Birds of Prey. 

p.s. if you click on my name you can zip zip to my myspace page and check out a few more of my originals. If you're feeling really generous then you could meander over to cdbaby or Andrew Scott - 13 Birds of Preyand purchase yourself something. I hate being spammy but we all gotta living to make, let's do it together.