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Sprawled Across a Roll-Top Desk

So last month, I took part in an impromptu drive to the coast. While settling on music to listen to, one person suggested Tom Waits, to which I gave a little, "Woo hoo!", and to which someone else (the driver, and the primary instigator of the trip itself) said, "Tom Waits. Isn't he country?"

Needless to say, I and most of the other folks in the car were aghast at that claim (although I had to point out that yes, he does technically do some songs now and again that would firmly be in the 'Country' category) and it sparked the idea of my making a CD sampler of Tom Waits for this person.

At first, I was rather daunted since I knew I'd be hating myself for "Oh, I can't forget this one" and constantly revising it, so when I finally got all my CDs together and uploaded to my computer this week, I decided to go with one song per album, in chronological order, and do what I can with that to demonstrate his non-country-ness, to hit the few songs that I consider "must have"s, and to demonstrate the general diversity of Tom's songs.

(I listed the songs here as a screen-grab since I've yet to work out how to get it to produce the text version of the same info from a playlist).

I'll admit, I may have cheated a bit since I'm not sure if 'Frank's Song' was actually composed before Closing Time, nor if 'World Keeps Turning' was composed after Real Gone, but they're close enough (although I was really tempted to skip those two so I could use 'Day After Tomorrow' as the closing song). Never the less, I've listened to it a few times and I'm quite pleased with the results.
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