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I recently joined a Tom Waits fan club on some site, however, the site pretty much states that their love for Waits has run out because they've said all they've needed to say so now they're gonna go down to Sicily and drink with the Sicilians.  I'm pretty disappointed in this, because the site required that you type up an intro about how you met/came across Waits, etc.  They never check their site anymore so my intro was completely wasted.  I honestly don't expect anyone to read this because it's TL;DR but.  Well.  I guess I just hate when ideas die.  And I'm sure this community would appreciate any type of post, no matter if anyone reads it in the end.
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Also, so this post isn't a complete waste of your time, you should really check out Southside Johnny With La Bamba's Big Band - the album Grapefruit Moon The Songs Of Tom Waits.  I was not disappointed.

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Two songs ("Down There by the Train", and "Lost in the Harbor") have been included in the soundtrack to a new film, "Miral.

Trailer below, some of "down there by the train" in the clip.


Blood Money

Cute that this is up next to the David Byrne vs Tom Waits post.

I was talking with someone about the above-linked court case (short form? Gov. Crist used a Talking Heads song in a campaign ad, David Byrne never ever sells their songs to be used in ads, David Byrne is suing Crist for about as much as folks normally offer to use their songs in ads), and the matter came up of what Byrne'll do with the money, since it's not like he really needs a spare million.

My leading guess/hope was that he'd end up donating the money to some charity or art fund, and that got me to wondering if it's ever been announced what Tom Waits has done with his winnings, when he's won similar cases.

I could very much see Tom doing what I'd guess/hope David would do. Anyone out there know for sure?
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I'm prolly late in discovering this, but for those who are late as I, here's something COOL, bordering on a madness no prescription could ever cure!

There's the GREAT Bob Dylan, who does a regular radio program, hosting and selecting various songs according to a theme, playing for all ears who choose for an hour to hear.

WELL! A very recent program contains a SPECIAL guest... Who IS this guest?

I think you know.

For those who've not heard, here's a link with his contributions... It is GREAT!:
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Boredom meets Tom Waits = Silly questions...

Your favorite three songs of ORPHANS? If you could only pick one song per disc...?

1) 2:19
2)You Can Never Hold Back Spring
3) Bone Chain

EASY PEASY. Your turn!!!


I recently was re-listening to Blue Valentine, easily one of my top 4 Tom records, and whilst 'Whislin' Past the Graveyard' played, the lyric came up:

"I'm gonna tear me off a rainbow and wear it for a tie!"

I suddenly barked out "Gay pride, Tom!"

I thought that was funny.