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The LJ Tom Waits Community's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
The LJ Tom Waits Community

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[16 May 2012|08:21am]

Wow, what happened here? Why are the TW groups just fizzling out?

He did release a new album.

Anyway, here's something new.

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the street tom waits grew up on. [27 Nov 2010|03:20pm]

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some type of intro [22 Nov 2010|09:13pm]

I recently joined a Tom Waits fan club on some site, however, the site pretty much states that their love for Waits has run out because they've said all they've needed to say so now they're gonna go down to Sicily and drink with the Sicilians.  I'm pretty disappointed in this, because the site required that you type up an intro about how you met/came across Waits, etc.  They never check their site anymore so my intro was completely wasted.  I honestly don't expect anyone to read this because it's TL;DR but.  Well.  I guess I just hate when ideas die.  And I'm sure this community would appreciate any type of post, no matter if anyone reads it in the end.
introductionCollapse )

Also, so this post isn't a complete waste of your time, you should really check out Southside Johnny With La Bamba's Big Band - the album Grapefruit Moon The Songs Of Tom Waits.  I was not disappointed.
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[03 Oct 2010|07:43pm]

Tom, in last night's Litquake.
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[18 Aug 2010|11:06pm]

Video for "Frank's Wild Years"

worth a look.
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[29 Jul 2010|12:09pm]

Two songs ("Down There by the Train", and "Lost in the Harbor") have been included in the soundtrack to a new film, "Miral.

Trailer below, some of "down there by the train" in the clip.

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Blood Money [25 May 2010|02:54pm]

Cute that this is up next to the David Byrne vs Tom Waits post.


I was talking with someone about the above-linked court case (short form? Gov. Crist used a Talking Heads song in a campaign ad, David Byrne never ever sells their songs to be used in ads, David Byrne is suing Crist for about as much as folks normally offer to use their songs in ads), and the matter came up of what Byrne'll do with the money, since it's not like he really needs a spare million.

My leading guess/hope was that he'd end up donating the money to some charity or art fund, and that got me to wondering if it's ever been announced what Tom Waits has done with his winnings, when he's won similar cases.

I could very much see Tom doing what I'd guess/hope David would do. Anyone out there know for sure?
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[19 May 2010|09:08am]

The TV is to David Byrne what the moon is to Tom Waits.
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[23 Apr 2010|10:57pm]


I'm prolly late in discovering this, but for those who are late as I, here's something COOL, bordering on a madness no prescription could ever cure!

There's the GREAT Bob Dylan, who does a regular radio program, hosting and selecting various songs according to a theme, playing for all ears who choose for an hour to hear.

WELL! A very recent program contains a SPECIAL guest... Who IS this guest?

I think you know.

For those who've not heard, here's a link with his contributions... It is GREAT!:

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Boredom meets Tom Waits = Silly questions... [08 Apr 2010|01:49pm]

Your favorite three songs of ORPHANS? If you could only pick one song per disc...?

1) 2:19
2)You Can Never Hold Back Spring
3) Bone Chain

EASY PEASY. Your turn!!!


I recently was re-listening to Blue Valentine, easily one of my top 4 Tom records, and whilst 'Whislin' Past the Graveyard' played, the lyric came up:

"I'm gonna tear me off a rainbow and wear it for a tie!"

I suddenly barked out "Gay pride, Tom!"

I thought that was funny.
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[24 Feb 2010|10:31am]

Have you heard of Jason Webley? This starts off a bit slow but at around 2 minutes it starts getting great. He's always reminded me of Tom Waits.

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Icons! [15 Dec 2009|10:41am]

12 - Farscape
19 - The Thick of It/In the Loop
11 - Misc. Tom Waits
4 -Dead Set

The rest are AT MY JOURNAL
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Sprawled Across a Roll-Top Desk [29 Nov 2009|04:51am]

So last month, I took part in an impromptu drive to the coast. While settling on music to listen to, one person suggested Tom Waits, to which I gave a little, "Woo hoo!", and to which someone else (the driver, and the primary instigator of the trip itself) said, "Tom Waits. Isn't he country?"

Needless to say, I and most of the other folks in the car were aghast at that claim (although I had to point out that yes, he does technically do some songs now and again that would firmly be in the 'Country' category) and it sparked the idea of my making a CD sampler of Tom Waits for this person.

At first, I was rather daunted since I knew I'd be hating myself for "Oh, I can't forget this one" and constantly revising it, so when I finally got all my CDs together and uploaded to my computer this week, I decided to go with one song per album, in chronological order, and do what I can with that to demonstrate his non-country-ness, to hit the few songs that I consider "must have"s, and to demonstrate the general diversity of Tom's songs.

(I listed the songs here as a screen-grab since I've yet to work out how to get it to produce the text version of the same info from a playlist).

I'll admit, I may have cheated a bit since I'm not sure if 'Frank's Song' was actually composed before Closing Time, nor if 'World Keeps Turning' was composed after Real Gone, but they're close enough (although I was really tempted to skip those two so I could use 'Day After Tomorrow' as the closing song). Never the less, I've listened to it a few times and I'm quite pleased with the results.
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Request [23 Oct 2009|12:05am]
Hey, team.

I'm looking for a copy of Elvis's and Tom's "I forgot more than you'll ever know about her."

Anybody can help a body out?

I uploaded a rare live tune to the gmail account in good faith.

Thanks in advance!
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New, live music by Tom [12 Oct 2009|11:02pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Just saw a notice of a live Tom Waits album reflecting songs from the Glitter and Doom tour on Facebook of all places. There is an option for 8 free preview downloads of song tracks, which so far seems to be working.

Looks like I have a new reason to look forward to November - love the live Waits!!


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Official Merch? [09 Sep 2009|01:01pm]

I am an incredibly new Tom Waits fan (seriously, I finally checked him out a few months ago, after literally YEARS of fellow Nick Cave fans telling me I would love him - they were right, and I should have listened much sooner).

Anyway, I really want a TW shirt, but all I can find (even on eBay) are crappy screen-printed ones that look like someone made them in their grandmother's root cellar. Is there an online store or something that sells GOOD quality TW shirts? Or maybe you could point me out to a shirt on eBay and say, "see this? I have it and the quality is actually good".

Thank you so much, cheers, etc.
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[11 Aug 2009|08:02pm]

The trailer for Dr. Parnassus has been released. Film due to be released in the UK October 6th.

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the world finally coughed up HQpics of the man himself! (cross-posted) [07 Aug 2009|09:49pm]



i'm now going have a field trip making icons now :)
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Most Epic Tom Waits Compilation [04 Aug 2009|10:00pm]

So I just burned a two disc compilation for my friend that's never heard Tom Waits.

I really I think I nailed it as a introductory playlist.

Whatta think?

Edit - In addition to this compilationI also gave my friend the whole Rain Dogs album.

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Waits interviewed [08 Jul 2009|08:58am]

Came across this on pitchfork.com.

Beck interviews Tom Waits for a new feature on his website called "Irrelevant Topics".

Full interview here: http://beck.com/irrelevant_topics

This is only part one of the interview (woohoo)!

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