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so is everyone excited!!!???

I'm positively embarassed that I'm not going to be able to pick up my book MYSELF on Saturday at the Borders by my house.  I'm going to be out of town and have checked to see if I could reserve a book where I'm going.....  (I can't - they stopped taking pre-orders last week) but no dice.  So - I'm having to give *security information* to Borders so that my friend can go pick up this book for me...... information on me and information on her.  O.o  Apparently they aren't getting a large enough shipment in to cover all of the books they need so they've started upping the security.  

HP Artricle in today's news:  Weird when you consider that there is an article running in today's Wall Street Journal about all of the Deathly Hallows leaks going about.  Apparently there was a review of the book posted by the Maryland Sun online  (please don't post that here).  They somehow obtained an advanced copy.  And randomly it seems that some folks have received theirs at their HOME(!!!) due to some freak accident from a shipping warehouse. 

Going to any parties this weekend?  Please share!

ALSO - did anyone check out the A&E Harry Potter special (they're running it again so set your Tivos!) hosted by Jason Isaacs?

On Saturday July 29th at 12AM EST they're running Harry Potter:  The Hidden Secrets

Just for fun:  There is a brief blurb about Mugglenet.com in this week's Entertainment Weekly Magazine.  (the one with Daniel Radcliffe on the front.