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Lucius Malfoy Listed in Top 15 for Forbes Magazine

Lucius Malfoy QUOTE

"I am constantly on the alert for opportunities to exploit you filthy Muggles," he told us nearly seven years ago (see: “Malfoy’s Malicious Methods” Forbes, Mar. 21, 1999).

Exerpt the Leaky Cauldron about Forbes Magazine:
In a hilarious yet interesting article, Forbes has posted an updated list of their wealthiest top fifteen fictional characters, with none other than Potter foe Lucius Malfoy holding the last spot with a reported net worth of $900 Million. From a dateline in the North Sea, the article reports that the nefarious Death Eater, now imprisoned in Azkaban, saw his wealth multiply despite his incarceration, noting his fortune has " increased nearly 30% over the last year. It's a major vindication for the 51-year-old wizard, and an indication that Malfoy's portfolio--and his mission to destroy Harry Potter--still has lots of life left in it." According to Forbes, Mr. Malfoy has gained his wealth, not by investing in traditional Wizarding markets, such as Niffler Futures, but rather by investing in Muggle companies such as Wal-Mart, Microsoft, and Halliburton.

And the value of Malfoy's personal possessions has appreciated significantly. Since the return of Lord Voldemort, artifacts and tools of the Dark Arts have become hugely popular, trading briskly in secondary markets like eBay (nasdaq: EBAY - news - people ) and Borgin and Burke's. As the patriarch of an ancient family, Malfoy is reputed to hold a wealth of valuable objects. Despite repeated searches of Malfoy Manor, his home in Wiltshire, the Ministry of Magic has been unable to find any prohibited items--but sources close to the family say they still possess countless treasures.

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