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HP Book 6 Countdown! Today's Theme: Wizarding Games!


A popular wizarding game, this is one at which you definintely play to win, for losers will be spat at by the Gobstones with a disgusting fluid. Wizards with more Galleons than sense can buy the solid gold set, available at Diagon Alley, but most prefer the less expensive edition.

Screaming Yo-Yos On the list of forbidden items of Argus Filch. Just like a regular yo-yo apparently - but it you know, screams.

Wizard Chess

Can be played on a regulation size 12 inch board - or a life-sized board - both with animated characters that move about the board and have violent tendencies - smashing each other to bits. The life sized version can be a hazard to your health however.

and of course....


For more information on quidditch please refer to: Quidditch Through the Ages by Kennilworthy Whisp published by Whizz Hard Books

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Tomorrow's theme: Fantastic Beasts!