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HP article in Time Magazine

Article on Rupert, Dan, Emma and Maggie Smith from Time Magazine May 1st, 2006. (also at time.com) There are pics in the magazine, but not online)

LIFE AFTER HARRY Currently filming Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, the gang from Hogwarts is almost grown. Who has the best chance for a post-Potter career?

RUPERT GRINT, 17 Making a bid for independence, Harry's best pal has a role in the indie Driving Lessons, premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival April 30. Like Ron Weasley, Grint says, his new character is "very awkward around girls," including Julie Walters, who plays "a crazy old lady." For those following at home, she played his mom in previous Potter films; his mom this time is Laura Linney.

DANIEL RADCLIFFE, 16 Between promoting the fourth Potter movie and filming the fifth, the star wizard shot another orphan role in December Boys. Based on a novel set in 1960s Australia, the drama unfolds far from the Quidditch pitch.

EMMA WATSON, 16 Despite rumors that she may portray a Power Ranger in a revival of that fantasy series (don't do it, Emma!), Watson, who plays Hermione Granger, seems focused instead on college. Bookish Hermione would approve.

MAGGIE SMITH, 71 Call us crazy, but we think the woman who plays Professor McGonagall shows some real promise. She already has two Oscars, a Tony, an Emmy and the right to call herself Dame. Plus, she can turn herself into a cat.