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Today's theme: Fantastic Beasts!

In our celebratory countdown - we're doing beasts today! So feel free to add any below that I leave off.

M.O.M. = Ministry of Magic Classification (how dangerous it is)

Acromantula - M.O.M. XXXXX

A monstrous eight-eyed spikder capable of human speech. Distinctive features include the thick black hair covering its body - legspan that may reach up to 15 feet and pincers which produce a clicking sound which the spider is angry or excited.

Doxy - M.O.M. XXX (sometimes known as the biting fairy)

Like the fairy - the doxy has a minute human form, but is covered in thick black hair and has an extra pair of arms and legs. They have double rows of sharp, venomous teeth and thick curved wings that are shiny like those of a beetle.

Fun Question: What kind of dragon is Norbert?

(answer tomorrow - though you prolly all know this)

info here is from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them by Newt Scamander with foreword by Albus Dumbledore