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Tokyo Tower

Album downloads

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Welcome to Tokyo Tower, Livejournal's first Asian album download community!


1. How do I make a request..?

Please go to the memories section. There will be a entry titled, "Request form" click it and it should bring you to an entry containing the request form and how to use it to make your request ^_^. This way you can also add it to your own memories, and thus just pull it up and update in your own window. If you're having trouble finding the memories, the main entry is here . click on the "+♥" to add it to your memories so you wont lose it again! :D

2. "Is it okay if I delete my post and re-request?"

Very much so! I'd appreciate it if you delete post before you re-request. Just copy and paste the entry, it's not that hard. If it becomes a big ol problem with people not even waiting a day or two, I'll make it a rule. Otherwise, I'm going to try and manage to on Friday's go through and make a big "Oi! These request were not filled, any possible helpers?" post, and let that go through the weekend, and then anything filled if not posted in a seperate post will be put up by me, and you guys can continue to re-request.

3. "I noticed I'm missing one track! Can I still upload?"

Even if you don't notice, it's okay to upload. If you do notice, it'd be nice if you could tell everyone, since I'm sure someone can either upload it for you or tell you what track your missing so you can find it and include it with the album download, or tell everyone else so they might possibly find it on their own. Otherwise, it's perfectly okay.

General Rules

[x] Listen to the Mods! If they say something is to be done, do it!
[x] Do not flame each other over requests, or uploads.
[x] No intros please! If you want to introduce yourself, include it in a post with a request or upload.
[x] Only advertising allowed in the community will be of Asian Music Rotation sites. Only.
[x] The best thing to do is to download the album to see if you like it. If you do please buy the albums. It helps get the point that overseas fans are interested as well as support the artist.
[x] Posting is set to members only.
[x] Wild non-coherent fangirl post = no-no. Post will be deleted.
[x] Please remember to comment when taking a file, even if the uploader does not request it. It's a common courtesy to let someone know their time did not go to waste.

Requesting Rules
[x] Unless otherwise stated, try to keep request to a minimum of two albums.
[x] You may request to know discography information, or what album a certain MP3 came from. You may not request a single MP3 to complete your collection. If you want songs and PV's please go to jrock_uploads, kpop_uploads, or cpop.
[x] When requesting, make sure to SPECIFY WHAT HOST YOU WANT IT FROM. If you can't download files from yousendit, and someone uploads to yousendit, it's not really their fault, now is it? So please be sure to specify what you can and can not work with, or what you prefer.
[x] If at all possible, edit post if you have forgotten something. If you feel someone hasn't seen your request wait at least a day before requesting again.

Uploading/Downloading Rules
[x] Please remember to comment when taking a file, even if the uploader does not request it. It's common courtesy to let someone know their time did not go to waste.
[x] If you have extra downloads, like PV's or single file MP3's, random ZIPs please post a link to where to uploaded them as well as what is included in the link. Do not make a post just for these downloads, or put the actual link in your post.
[x] You may post your album list for others to request from, that'd be awesome :D
[x] PLEASE,PLEASE make sure when you upload that the file has the artist name and album name! Also, if your tracks when you play them are all in Japanese, try and find the Romanji as a lot of people's computers still don't display Japanese Characters. ** same applies for Korean and Chinese

Where do I get CD's?

There are multiple places, none of which we are affiliated with. The links listed below are multiple sites that you can import singles as well as albums from.
HMV Japan
Brand X
Third Stage
JPop House
Tofu Records

How do I upload?

YouSendIt, FilePulse, SendMeFile, Rapidshare, StoreandServe, , MegaUpload, SaveFile, and there is also Clubbox (Korean). Each of these sites are great for uploading files, but not all of them work for everyone. Find which ever works best for you and try to use that. We ask that if you're offering to upload albums for free, that you specify what host you'll be using, so later there aren't 50 or so comments asking you to mirror the links,etc. You may also want to download winRAR as a lot of people use this to zip files. It'll unzip both .RAR and .zip files.



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