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DOWNLOAD: Leftover: Plastic Tree - Cell
DOWNLOAD: Leftover: Lareine - Fierte no Umi to Tomo ni Kieyu
DOWNLOAD: Leftover: Yoshiki - Eternal Melody I
REQUEST: [1] Miu Sakamoto - Dawn Pink or [2] member-recommended (see below)
UPLOAD LINK: Yousendit preferred, but any type is welcome.
EXTRA/SPECIFICS: For [2], I'm looking for some lesser known stuff outside of the genre of J-Pop/Rock for greater J-music exposure. Specifically, either soft jazz (such as Paris Match) or ambient (semi)-electronica/instrumental (such as Miu Sakamoto, Sugizo). As per the rules (max. 2 requests), if you see this request [2] filled by someone, there is no obligation to upload for me anymore (though it's welcome! ;P). If unsure if I have an album already, feel free to leave a comment asking. Apologies to the mods if this kind of request breaks the rules; I'll delete/edit if you want.

(Also, when choosing Security, should I pick Public, Friends, or Private?)

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Here is a list of all the albums previously posted within the community. I've provided the album covers and YesAsia links (albums found at CDJapan or HMV are at the bottom of the table). Any albums that I could not find are also included at the end of the page.

I will continue to update this entry as albums are added, and it may be found in the memories at any time. Please help your community fund contests and possible raffles in the future :)

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Funds Raised: $10

[Korean] Seo Taiji

I am teh shocked that no one's posted any Seo Taiji :D Hopefully after this someone else can post his other albums (I'm a bit lazy about ripping my CDs at the moment), particularly his 7th to show the contrast.

Seo Taiji for Newbies: Seo Taiji was head boy of Seo Tae Ji & Boys, a pop group way back when. Eventually they broke up (devastating! they were sensational) and Seo Taiji (after Taiji of X-Japan) pursued a solo career that had an edgier sound than Tae Ji & Boys. He's had a few run-in's with the government concerning lyrical content and plagiarism, but came through it alright. He's one of the prominent figures in the Korean rock scene (certainly didn't start it but he brought it into the mainstream) and now heads his own label (Seo Taiji Company), is building a mall complex (Space9), and owns you all. Ultramania is his 6th album (the second of his solo career), and the one that turned me into the raving Taiji fan I am today :D

If you like PIA, KoRn, etc. you'll like this particular album.

Seo Taiji - Volume 6 Ultramania.rar
[KROCK | 25.97MB | BUY]

Ultramania, I believe, is out of print. You might be able to buy it from E+P Shop (or perhaps a store based in Korea) if you have a contact in Korea that will pick it up and mail it back to you.

Tei, Park Ki Young, Wang Leehom

I just joined, so I thought maybe I should upload some albums. =] By the way, if someone can romanize (or find romanizations for) the titles, it would be greatly appreciated. Or translations. Doesn't matter. ^^;

Tei - vol. 2 - Ucu Pra Cacia - yousendit/mp3/.rar
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Park Ki Young - vol. 5 - Be Natural - yousendit/mp3/.rar
Tracklist (
Recommended Tracks: 1, 6, 8, 9
Credit: I got this from Kpopper. I merely uploaded it.

Wang Leehom - The Only One - yousendit/mp3/.rar

As for the tracklist... I can't find it. This .rar file includes the tracklist (a picture of the CD jacket...?) but I can't translate it so... if anyone could help me with that, it'd be appreciated. ^^; Thanks.

& enjoy.
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