Dangerous Seduction

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Dangerous Seduction - A Crossover Fic
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Weib Kreuz / Gravitation storyline crossover

One fateful night, Yohji Kudou met the famous Ryuichi Sakuma.....

This is a story from an RP between the two animes, Weib Kreuz and Gravitation. There's angst, action, drama, mystery, romance and a whole lot of smut.

___ The Series

Weib Kreuz = White Cross.

Florists by day, assasins by night. Four men with dark pasts, seek vengence on the Beasts of tomorrow. Ken, Omi,Yohji, and Aya are members of Weiss. As assasins, they murder those who bring fear and death to the innocent. As florists, they seek out the last of their humanity.

But which will destroy them first? Will it be the sons of corruption, or their own dark pasts?


Lead singer Shuichi Shindou only wanted to be a singer like his pop idol Ryuichi Sakuma, a singer with the face of an angel and a voice unmatched by any other. Trials of love and friendship help Shuichi reach his dream of becoming a hit pop star.

But face to face against Ryuichi Sakuma, is there any chance for the pink haired singer of Bad Luck?

___ The Story

Well, we can't tell you EVERYTHING, now can we? That would be giving away what happens, and the point is to read this thing, right? ^_^ If you couldn't tell by the intro, it's an anime crossover fic that we've taken from a RPG that we decided to start a few months back. We're trasferring our posts into fic form, so it will be ongoing.

Now, how can you read this? Simple! Just look below, we'll keep everything updated and archived ^_^ Each 'Track' or Part has multiple 'Missions' or chapters. Tracks in a darker green have missions that are in fic form underneath. A Mission that is greyed out is currently being edited by us (your faithful authors) into a format you can read! Just check them out right beneath this!

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___ The Rules

Yes, even though this is a fic community, it is OPEN for membership! (Meaning, you can join if you so desire :D) We wanted to keep this option up so everyone would be able to interact and share. However, there are a few guidelines to follow when joining and posting here...

- You must be here to read the fic at least ^^;; That's the whole point!!
- There is boy on boy action in here, so be sure that you are mature enough to read this responsibly. You have been WARNED!

- Be nice and curtious to other members and the authors/maintainers
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- You can post reviews, constructive criticism, recommendations, suggestions of what you'd like to see happen (we will take everything into consideration and work it in if we think it sounds like fun ^^), art pretaining to the fic, and just general comments to or about the fic. If you are unsure about something and/or have any questions, feel free to ask either of the mods ^_^ We don't bite! Unless asked ;)

___ The Point

Why? Because we wanted to share our love of RPing and lack of anything to do with you! ^_^ We crave feedback and reviews, so please leave some! You are also more than welcome to friend and join this community and keep checking back for updates, because it will constantly be updated!

___ The People

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Disclaimer: We are in no way affiliated with the makers of Weib or Gravitation and do not claim rights to the characaters, their shows, or likenesses. We're just some crazy fangirls who thought it'd be fun to put them together!! No copyright violations intended.