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TMG - Blooky Anime Community

Ombz, Buttered Penguins!

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WHEE. Welcome to the TMG Live Journal community!

This is an Anime community, but anything's really allowed here. It's a random, off the wall, "do whatever you want as long as it isn't porn or something" type of thing. We, the TMGers, swear to provide you with randomness, weirdness, and total crazyness. Oh, and lots of Anime crap.

TMG Dictionary

Since TMGers have their own "language" that will be mentioned a lot (penguins and butter will be mentioned quite often, too), here's a dictionary for you to follow. Just a quick, more oftenly used words dictionary.

Eyah - yes, yeah.
Topy - typo.
Ored - bored.
Omka - "you have big feet."
Omed - good night.
Ombz - "Oh my bedz." Like "oh my god."
*Espio* - to stick one's tongue out at somebody.
Blooky - screwy. Also a guy's - *SMACKED.*