A penguin has infiltrated Flying Arcanine's home. Repeat, a penguin had infiltrated Flying Arcanine's home. The following is a message sent from Flying Arcanine, who is now hiding out in her closet:
"Parental figure bought a penguin, stop! I've been in here for three days, stop! I will send images when possible, stop! Someone send me some pocky, stop! The strawberry kind, stop!
--End Transmission--"
That was all. All posts made by Flying Arcanine should be reviewed by the TMG commitee of Sexy Geeks for authentici-

0M9!!!11! w3 4r3 #337 p3n951n$ w3 pwn 73h f-(|{ 057 0f %05 :p

((Translation from text editor: "OMG!!!11! we Are leet penguins we pwn teh f-ck out of you :p" ))
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    P3N951N$ PWN J00 4## P34(3 %0

TMG Halloween Partee!

Since no one seems to have started it up, I think I will ^_^

*walks in, dressed as Shuuichi from "Gravitation"*

That's right -- it's that time again.

Time to eat beans with George Wendt?
Time to imitate Don Knotts?

No -- it's time for the TMG Halloween Partee! So, put on any costume you want, watch your back for the ghost of penguins past and get ready for the best Halloween party ever -- 200% better than all the other parties combined! There are also lots of games here as well as free food, but beware ... it may get a bit spookee, scaree, freekee and crazee! Now let's get the party started!