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Maybe I'm TMG!Drunk, but I just got an ingenious idea.

A TMG Travelling Notebook.

Don't know what a travelling notebook is? It's a notebook or journal that is passed around between many people. is a good example of this.

I'm in a super creative mood this weekend, and was thinking "It'd be cool if I could do one of these. Hey, I'd like to do one with Glisten and Maria. HEY! Why not just do a TMG one!"

Er...okay, so?
SO! I'd like to see what you all think, and who'd be willing to participate. The only cost would be postage (I'm buying the notebook tomorrow with any luck) and a little of your spare time.
Well I buy the notebook and spend some one-on-one time with it. Get your minds out of the gutter. While I have the notebook, I'll work on getting the list of whoever is willing to participate. After that we'll decide how to divide the pages (there'll be plenty of room for us to each use more than one, obviously), and if there should be a theme. After we decide all of that, I'll put my stuff in the notebook, and I'll probably give a time limit (to be decided) as to how long someone can keep the notebook. Once I send it out, the next person will receive it shortly, and have however long to write however many pages. Then they'll send it out and so on. Eventually I want to get it back, so whoever's last on the list would have to return it to me. If possible, I'd like the person's pages to be scanned if they can, if not, I could probably do it upon receiving it in the end.

I'll probably put up a poll (if I can. o.O) in a moment about most of this.
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