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So, I finally bought the journal.

In what order are we going to have this sent?

1. Robyn to Ray
2. Ray to Matt
3. Matt to YS
4. YS to Hillary
5. Hillary to Glisten
6. Glisten to Maria/Mariah
7. Maria/Mariah to Fly
8. Fly to Robyn

ETA: Switched Ray and Hillary 'cause Glisten's scared of cooties.

If I left anyone off, I apologize. Just wanted to get this posted quickly.

Not everyone has to agree with my suggestion, so if you have a better idea, go ahead and post it.

Also, there's another matter that I thought of. I bought a 100 page notebook, leaving ten pages for everyone, and ten blank pages. What I was thinking was that everyone sign the last ten pages, leaving one for each of us and then one for the notebook. That way we could all have a copy of everyone's signature. And the papers could be sent the same way as the notebook.

On the subject of time limit, everyone seemed to be okay with two weeks, or else they said that it didn't matter (and one person voted for no time limit, but that would really screw things up if someone never passed it on). Rating will be PG-13. No ifs, ands, or buts. I knew ahead of time that I'd go with whatever came up as the lowest majority (more than one, actually), and PG-13 it is.

Again, if anyone has any suggestions, questions, corrections, post them!
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