Shintarou Inuzuka (kenichi_bokushi) wrote in _tmg,
Shintarou Inuzuka

What happened last night?

Apparently I did something pretty freakin' bad last night ... whatever it was, I apologise for it, though I know that this apology will not be read or acknowledged. (That's okay though, I guess -- I mean, I deserve brutal punishment for it. If you have anything to say to shout at me or tell me off, I deserve to take it, and I won't fight back unless it's REALLY below the belt -- and pretty much the only thing below the belt would be worse than Osama or that woman on the news who preached that message of God hating people, especially Americans. Then again, I might be worse than them, so I suppose I won't even fight those.) I also understand if you never want to speak to me again and if you never forgive me for this.
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