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Tiny Canvas

Icons by Leloo

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Icons by Leloo
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Welcome to my icon journal. This is in the form of a community for the sole reason of me being too lazy to log in and out all the time. I decided to make this iconjournal because I wanted to be able to post my icons (and sometimes graphics) somewhere for everyone to see and since my own journal is friends locked this seemed like the right thing to do.

  • Comment when you take anything. I would like to know who's using my icons. And also, comments just makes me happy in general.

  • Credit _tinycanvas (or leloo if you prefer) when you use my icons. It's always nice to be appreciated. It might not seem like a big deal, but claiming other peoples work as your own is not very nice and it makes iconmakers sad. So just do it, and it will keep me happy. (If you don't know how to, _icongalore has a wonderful tut on that. You can find it here.)

  • No hotlinking images. Please (and I can't stress this enough), please save and upload to your own server. It makes everything so much easier, plus it doesnt steal my bandwith which is a great big plus!

  • Don't alter any icons without my permission, unless stated otherwise in the individual post.

  • Resource post is here
    Current layout: grrliz_icons


    iconsforsale _icongalore whoaicons_ iconic_island daylightecho

    Comment here if you'd like to be affiliates.


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