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A partnership made between Screencap Paradise and pretty as a PICTURE

On september 5th, Screencap Paradise and pretty as a PICTURE created a partnership that combined, will make the sites one of the largest imagearchives online. Together they will provide the users with HQ captures and HQ still images and complement each other in ways no other image archives has ever done before. As a decision pretty as a PICTURE will be moving all their Ats, Btvs and SPN captures over to Screencap Paradise and in return Firefly will move to Pretty as a PICTURE. The image archives will from now on never conflict with each other, but instead always make sure to offer different shows and that way make the user's visits more enjoyable.

The owners of Screencap Paradise and pretty as a PICTURE hope that their visitors will find this development between the sites new and exciting, as well as bring down the reputation of being competing sites. Together they will continue to focus on HQ pictures, both screencaps and stills and the owners look forward to taking this partnership to new heights.
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This is my first ever (completed) moodtheme. I made this for myself but I thought I would share 'cause I haven't been able to find a Shia moodtheme anywhere.

Get it here @ ohcompletely

9/29/07: The missing moods were added today. Moodtheme is complete.
8/22/07: There's 3 moods missing. Pensive, Quixotic & Sympathetic. They will be added soon.
EDIT 18/07/08: Moodtheme download moved to new location
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You may or may not have come across Screencap Paradise on you search for caps to use for graphics. If you haven't, now's a good time to check it out. We just made a new layout and have recently added a load of new caps to the gallery. Updates have been very frequent the past few months. So be sure to stop by and have a look at Screencap Paradise!!

That was all.
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awards won

I decided to make an awards post, so I will keep adding to this one should I win anything in the future.
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There should be a few updates here soon, I have quite a few icons I haven"t posted at all.
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