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hp - the boy who lived

45 Icons

Icon dump! Well, sort of. Not really. Here are some icons that have been sitting around for a while, or are contests entries. In celebration of HARRY POTTER 7 coming out in FOUR DAYS, most of them are Harry Potter based.

{45} Total icons
{30} Harry Potter/Harry Potter Actors
{03} Lord of the Rings
{04} Lost
{06} Ellen Page
{02} True Blood

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star wars - makeup

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{35} Lost Icons
In honor of the series' end, and with a bit of sadness, I present some Lost icons! I've been seeing so many beautiful icons recently I was inspired to make these, now that it's summer break I have loads more free time. So here they are! I hope you all like them. Comments are always appreciated! Another batch should be coming soon.

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