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28 Icons, 2 header, 1 banners

Yep, another MJ batch. It's just so easy to make icons of him cause there are so many amazing pictures out there! The next one will have different stuff I promise! I'm really happy with these - I juust got Photoshop, so these are my first icons experimenting with selective colouring and curves and what not. Let me know what you think!

{28} Total icons
{28} Michael Jackson
{02} MJ headers
{01} MJ banner

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50 Icons, once again, In Memoriam

Another batch of Michael Jackson icons! Except this time...there are more! I could seriously make Michael icons all day long, but I decided to draw the line at 50. Also, I focused mostly on the music video They Don't Care About Us - it's one of my favourites, and Michael is just so full of energy, and Brazil looks so beautiful and colorful. So here is my little homage to it. These are probably my favourite icons I've made thus far, and I had a great time making them (while, of course, listening to Thriller, Off the Wall, etc. on repeat and shuffle).

As always, comments are appreciated, and if anyone has any requests (specific videos, pictures, etc.) I may fulfill them! I got a few DVDs so I can take screencaps of them myself.

{50} Total Icons
{30} Michael Jackson's They Don't Care About Us Video
{05} Michael and Janet Jackson's Scream Video
{15} Various Michael Icons

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30 Icons...In Memoriam

like a rainbow
fading in the twinkling of an eye
gone too soon

So I'm one of the many, many people around the world that has been listening to nothing but Michael Jackson songs on repeat for the past few weeks. It is such a sad loss for his family, his children, and for the world, and I'm sad that I was so young for most of his successful years. Michael was and will always be a powerful force in entertainment and a beautiful and generous soul. His voice and his smile will be greatly missed. Despite how you feel about Michael Jackson, I think we can all learn a great deal by listening to his lyrics and as he said, before you judge me, try hard to love me. I think we can get a much closer look at what Michael was truly like by listening to what the people who knew him have to say, not the tabloids that relentlessly crushed his kind, child-like spirit.

Rest in Style Michael, as long as your music continues to be played,you will live on.

Here is my own pittance of a tribute. More to come later, as I had so much fun making them!

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