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hp - the boy who lived

45 Icons

Icon dump! Well, sort of. Not really. Here are some icons that have been sitting around for a while, or are contests entries. In celebration of HARRY POTTER 7 coming out in FOUR DAYS, most of them are Harry Potter based.

{45} Total icons
{30} Harry Potter/Harry Potter Actors
{03} Lord of the Rings
{04} Lost
{06} Ellen Page
{02} True Blood

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star wars - makeup

30 Icons

{30} Total Icons
{30} HP Icons

I think it's high time for some more HP icons, especially with the super exciting new trailer that just surfaced. These icons randomly cover stills from all seven movies.

Too bad we still have to wait till November. But in the mean time, enjoy! Expect a multi-fandom dump of icons on my next post which I hope to have up within the next few days... Suggestions/requests are always welcome.

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star wars - makeup

12 Icons

Ha. So, bare with me everyone, I am still experimenting and trying to get back into making icons, and I'm very stubborn when it comes to following other people's advice and tutorials and I like to figure out how to make these on my own - even if the end result is something a little painful to regard. Hopefully I will improve over time! Anyways, I felt like I had to make a few icons for the glorious Half Blood Prince movie - the best in the series so far! (In my humble opinion) So...here they are.

{12} Total Icons
{8} Half Blood Prince
{4} Rupert Grint & Emma Watson


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