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tigging and icon making

(just don't tig on a tog)

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(( _tigicons ))
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_ t i g i c o n s

tig icons came about in the early 2000s, before i knew much about icon making, back when lord of the rings was my preferred fandom. i brought it back after a several-year hiatus after being inspired by all the beautiful icons, and after having continued obsessions and <3 for multiple fandoms.

the name came about after watching the entire lord of the rings extended editions back to back and then following them up with the cast commentaries. yes, that was back in the good old days when i had that much free time. tig was the game that dominic monaghan created to amuse himself. it was made up of endless rules that confused elijah wood, and i thought it would make a cute name for an icon community.

the premise is simple: explore and enjoy. if you wish you use an icon please credit me, and if you leave a comment i will be forever grateful. suggestions, requests, questions, and other various feedback is always welcome.

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re: credit how?

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